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An Armenian woman whose eyes weep crystal-like discharges instead of watery tears has left doctors baffled by the bizarre and painful condition, according to local reports.

Satenik Karazian, 22, from the Shirak region, started experiencing symptoms two months ago. Initially, she'd thought she got some dust in her eyes at the dentist, then her family suspected it was a shard of glass.

Now, Karazian says she inexplicably produces up to 50 crystal pieces out of her eyes each day. Several ophthalmologists and doctors have reportedly been unable to diagnose or treat the peculiar condition, leaving the young woman in near-constant agony. "Now my every day has turned to hell," Karazian told Sputnik Armenia. Some doctors refused to believe Karazian, she claims, while others simply prescribed eyedrops or antibiotics, which failed to alleviate the problem.

Armenia's Ministry of Health was contacted about the woman's strange ocular discharges and the department's chief ophthalmologist has reportedly met with the young woman twice, and the crystals have been sent for analysis in a bid to diagnose the affliction.