CNN lewandowski
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski questioned whether or not CNN morning anchor Alisyn Camerota was a journalist during a heated exchange during an interview Wednesday morning.

Lewandowski testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee the day before. While Democrats attempted to get him to shed light on one of the 10 instances Robert Mueller identified as potential obstruction of justice on the part of President Trump, Lewandowski appeared confrontational and refused to answer most questions.

The former Trump campaign manager appeared on CNN's New Day and got into a heated back-and-forth with Camerota.

Camerota repeatedly asked Lewandowski about a specific interaction he had during his testimony with House Judiciary Counsel Barry Berke, in which he was asked about lying to reporters. He responded to the questions saying, "I have no obligation to have a candid conversation with the media whatsoever, just like they have no obligation to cover me honestly, and they do it inaccurately all the time."

"You only feel the obligation to tell the truth when you're under oath?" Camerota asked.

Lewandowski repeatedly invoked CNN contributor and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who could be charged for giving false statements to federal investigators, as his defense.

"You and your network continue to use him as a contributor who has been lying under oath," he said. "So if you're going to hold me to a standard, hold your same employees and contributors to that same standard."

Camerota, in response to Lewandowski's invocations of McCabe, attempted to stir the conversation back to the former Trump campaigner, saying, "You lie to the media."

"Are you a journalist, or are you a talking head?" Lewandowski asked.

"You're listening with your mouth," Camerota shot back, while continuing to ask, "Do you lie to the media, yes or no?"