Comment: By the sounds of it, they might not even go to prison...

Five migrants between the ages of 17 and 22 have been convicted by an Austrian court of raping a 13-year-old girl.

The attack happened in October of 2018 after the 13-year-old girl was lured to an apartment by the young men after meeting them at the central railway station in Graz. According to a report by Austria's Kronen Zeitung, once the girl was inside of the apartment, the five migrants are said to have given her alcohol and other substances before they forced her to undress.

Before this incident, two of the migrant rapists had previously been convicted on drug charges.

As the 13-year-old victim tried to resist the 5 men, the rape is said to have become progressively more violent and aggressive as each one of them took turns raping her.

One of the migrants even videotaped the entire ordeal with his mobile phone. Following their investigation and subsequent arrests of the perpetrators, the phone along with the footage were both later discovered by police.

Each one of the defendants has been handed lengthy prison sentences. However, at present, none of the sentences are final since the migrants' lawyers have filed appeals.

Comment: What is there to appeal? They don't even deserve prison. They should be put on a plane, and its doors accidentally open mid-flight.

Unfortunately, stories like this one have become more and more common since Angela Merkel opened Europe's doors to the migrant invasion in 2015.

Just last Friday night, a woman in her twenties is said to have been raped in central Piteå in northern Sweden. The victim said that at least ten men - described as all having dark hair and dark skin - were involved in the attack. Investigations are ongoing.

In the spring of 2017, a similar gang rape case involving 'asylum seekers' occurred in Vienna where eight Iraqis were convicted of gang-raping a German tourist on New Year's Eve.

The young woman, who was incredibly inebriated, was lured to an apartment in the Austrian capital's second district where she was raped over and over again by the Iraqi migrants who were between the ages 22 and 42. Most of the perpetrators were related to one another.

Comment: What is this; the family that rapes together stays together? Vile animals.

The migrant rapists were all handed lengthy prison sentences with the longest, a ten-year sentence, given to a 27-year-old.

This year in neighboring Germany, 11 migrants, mostly from Syria, were put on trial for the gang rape of an 18-year-old in the city of Freiburg.

Despite all of these warning signs, the globalist left continues to back policies which continue to devastate the people of Europe. Unfortunately, as of now, there is no end in sight.