Medic protest France
© AFP/Georges Gobet
French medics hold placards, reading "We are not robots," as they march in the centre of Bordeaux.
France turned down a citizenship application from an immigrant nurse because she was working too many hours. The news angered fellow medical professionals who have to work overtime due to severe staff shortages in hospitals.

"We need to work more" to catch up with France's more industrious EU neighbors, President Emmanuel Macron recently stated.

A nurse who spends 59 hours at three jobs per week seems like just what the country needs, but it turned out the immigration services don't share the president's views. They rejected the woman's citizenship application over a "violation of working regulations in France"where 48 hours per week is the maximum allowed.

The nurse said she is going to appeal the decision and is fully backed by her colleagues, who shared their frustration online.

The lack of staff, especially among nurses, has put healthcare in a dire situation, with medical professionals even taking to the streets in recent month to demand a recruitment drive.

"I work between 60 and 70 hours a week, like lots of nurses and doctors... So take away my nationality?" one of the leaders of the medical workers' union tweeted.