Orange algae kent

Orange algae bloom, Kent
The Environment Agency has confirmed what caused an orange substance to appear in the sea around Thanet and Whitstable.

The substance, which has started to stain the groynes at Eastcliff, was reported to Port Control, after being discovered earlier this week.

On Thursday (May 2), dozens of fish washed up on the shore, though this was not stated to be linked to the substance, and the council has recommended keeping dogs on leads and away from going near the water.

The Environment Agency had previously stated it was believed the appearance of the substance to be a "natural phenomenon."

A spokesman has now confirmed the substance to be a "naturally occurring algae".

The fish were spotted during the afternoon of May 2

The spokesman said: "We've received reports from the public of an orange-coloured substance in the sea off various beaches in Essex and north Kent.

"We have taken samples from Margate, Whitstable and the Medway Estuary which has confirmed the substance as Phaeocystis, a naturally occurring algae which we do not consider to be harmful.

"As a precaution, local councils are recommending keeping dogs on leads and away from water until further notice."