Andrey Gorbatyuk
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Andrey Gorbatyuk
A man with black demonic black eyes and vampire fangs has been arrested after allegedly killing a female tattoo master and leaving bite marks on her neck.

Tattoo master Tatiana Podvashetskaya, 27, was found dead in her rented apartment in the city of Ternopil in western Ukraine's Ternopil Oblast region.

The woman's body was found by the apartment owner who came to carry out repairs, according to reports.

When the unnamed owner entered the flat, she saw Podvashetskaya lying on the floor in a pool of blood and called emergency services.

Witness Oleg, who lives next door, said to local media: 'The woman was lying in a pool of blood. A knife was sticking out of her stomach.'

After examining the victim, forensics said that she was knifed in the stomach several times and was dead for about six hours.
Tatiana Podvashetskaya
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Tatiana Podvashetskaya
A source in local police said to local media that the woman had fresh bite marks on her neck.

Police reports say Podvashetskaya was last seen together with Andrey Gorbatyuk, 26, who was one of her regular clients.

The man became a local celebrity after Podvashetskaya helped him to change his appearance so he would resemble a vampire. The man got his eyeballs tattooed black and vampire teeth.

He also got two magnets implanted under the skin of his forehead to be able to wear horns.

On the night of 15 to 16 April, Gorbatyuk was with Podvashetskaya in her flat when he allegedly killed her and fled the scene, reports say.

His mother said to the police: 'He [Gorbatyuk] came home at night and told me, ''I killed Tatiana Podvashetskaya''. After that, he got changed, took several hundred dollars and fled our apartment.'

Late last night Gorbatyuk was found and arrested. He was taken into custody.

Police spokesman Anatoly Kit said: 'A criminal case on murder has been initiated. The investigation is ongoing.'

The police have yet to comment on the alleged murderer's motive.

The suspect faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.