© Sayano-Shushenski Nature Reserve
In a highly entertaining video a bold brown bear was caught burglarizing a ranger hut in Siberia's Sayano-Shushenskiy Nature Reserve only to become extremely distracted by a newspaper.

The ranger hut on the banks of the Sinyaya river is so remote it's only visited once or twice a year, which is why the hilarious surveillance video footage only emerged in recent weeks.

"Tidying up huts is what brown bears typically do in taiga," a message from the nature reserve read, as cited by The Siberian Times.

"They can't resist strong, unusual smells and often climb into wooden houses through windows, turning everything upside down... This time the bear got interested in a newspaper and spent some minutes tearing it to pieces after getting out of the house."

The well-informed bear remains at large, somewhere in the Siberian taiga.