The calf was miraculously born with two heads

The calf was miraculously born with two heads
This bizarre footage claims to show a baby calf born with two heads, four eyes and two mouths.

The rare creature was born on February 7 in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

The animal's owner, from the village of Shimla, can be seen examining his new pet in the video.

India has in the past hear made the headlines for its deformed calves.

Another one was born in Rajasthan's Udaipur district only last Wednesday.

Tourists flocked to Nagaji Gondolia Lohar's house to see the bizarre animal.

One major difference between the two calves is the positioning of the eyes.

While the calf from Udaipur has two eyes placed very close to one another, almost resembling a cyclops, the calf from Shimla have eyes placed apart.

Both the calves are reportedly doing well.

In January a calf born in West Bengal was born "with just one huge eye".

Residents of its village have since been worshipping the calf, which has no nose, as a gift "sent from God".

Another calf defied all odds when he was born with two heads in a southern village in November.

Despite vets warning the animal wouldn't even survive for a few hours,the calf miraculously pulled through.

It had four eyes, two mouths but a single pair of ears.