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A family of nine from Florida converted a school bus into an RV and travel the country.
A family of nine from Florida have taken to life on the road after converting a school bus into an RV they live in while traveling across the country.

Michelle and Steve Lawson bought the 265-square-foot "skoolie" in 2017 for $14,000 and spent $17,000 to convert it over the course of six months. It's now equipped with a king size bed along with two triple bunk beds and living areas to accommodate their large family.

The couple, along with their kids, Caleb, 16, Jacob, 13, Joshua 10, Matthew, 6, Liam, 5, Charlotte 2 and nine-month-old Owen, try to take at least one week-long adventure a month. The children are homeschooled and Steve and Michelle have a photography business, making it possible to spend so much time away from home.

The parents teach their kids with a method called "unschooling," where they decide what to learn based on real-life experiences.

"Life is learning and yes, 100 percent unschooling is the way to go. We believe that life is learning and the best way to learn is to do. Also, the big kids really help the little kids learn too, they are a huge help along the way," the couple told The Daily Mail.
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The Lawsons have traveled all over the U.S., making stops in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, California, Oregon and Washington, among others.

"We would definitely recommend this lifestyle to any family because of the freedom it allows. Living a more simple life allows for the things that really do matter to take preference. Cultivating the things that matter most," the couple explained. Their adventures also allow them to spend more time together.

"We love the uninterrupted family time. We love waking up together in a new place almost daily and really always having a new adventure. We love watching every sunrise and every sunset together. Eating every meal side by side. Never being bored. Doing life together," they said.