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Reflect, please on the history of marketing and selling the "harmless" active ingredient in the weed-killer Round-up®. The company which Monsanto bought, had discovered this master-chelator could dissolve most metal scale deposits in boilers and pipes. But discharging the flush promptly produced an obvious plant killing effect.

In 1972 Monsanto began marketing Round-up® as an herbicide, with three claims which later proved to be misleading at best, untrue at worst (1). The first claim is that the mode of action was to block the Shikimic Acid pathway - a biochemical series of steps that throughout biology produces three diet-essential amino acids (AA), needed for all protein synthesis. These are the same three, out of the twenty coded for by all DNA-RNA synthesis, which contain phenolic rings: Phenylalanine (F), Tyrosine (Y) and Tryptophan (W). The second claim continued: since human biochemistry does not contain this pathway, the herbicide is harmless. This immediately raised the question: Where then do we get the three AA for all our own synthesis, and the answer is two-fold: from our diet and from our gut microbiome.

Once the use of Round-up became common, crops are grown with residues, so that our diet in fact became very short of the three, F,Y and W. Worse, the residues in our food have a disastrous effect on our gut microbiome, from which we now depend for F, Y and W. Blocking the Shikimate path in your gut causes the precursors of the process to build up, and especially the toxin m-cresol, which first KILLS OFF the helpful bacteria then pathogenic bacteria take over. The Clostridium bacteria quickly over grow and produce more cresol, which they tolerate. This hostile takeover is accompanied by another disaster, far more permanent in its effect on your health: the tight junctions in the gut lining, which we depend on to seal the fluids in the gut from the blood itself, become leaky, and Crohn's disease then permits huge molecules, like Aluminum and antigenic large chain food proteins to join the blood stream. But the drama of chronic ill health is just getting started. Most of your immune system is not only located along the gut wall from end to end, but it is linked to your private colony of microbes. This in turn, is linked to your brain, so that moods are largely dictated by the biome on a minute-by-minute basis.

As if these extensive injuries were not sufficiently distressing, glyphosate deprives the liver of its most necessary detoxification capability. It is a series called the Cytochrome P450 inducible enzymes, capable of reducing the impact of the cresol and other bacterial endotoxins (2)(3)(4).

The combination of triple disasters: unhandled toxins, loss of mood guidance and blood suddenly filled with foreign material, causes what amounts to a four-alarm fire in the immune system. Called a cytokine storm, the immune system is activated by the cytokines, and begins the week-long process of developing antibodies against food antigens, as well as hastening immune cells called to the brain, in responding to the impaired mood state. Recovery from the many problems will take from weeks to years.

At this point, the problems requiring healing are almost too many to consider in this summary. Conventional (allopathic) medicine fails in every respect because they are officially in denial that glyphosate could ever do any of these damaging processes. Their pharmaceutical masters will economically not allow such logic. Here are some of the actions which have helped many people, in a large part undertaken with holistic advisors. For the invading pathogens, restore the gut ecology; eat a complex of thousands of species of microbiome supplements matching the war-torn community. Somehow the spores must pass the acid stomach "firewall" to again establish dominance over the toxic Clostridium army - this has been accomplished by saline home lacto-fermented kraut or kimchi, rather than with sterile store foods. Cabbage and onion family ferments provide plenty of sulfur nutrients. Another approach is to flush out the phenolic toxins, then reconnect the damaged intestinal cells, by closing the tight-junctions again, to seal off the damaged blood, and reestablish the synthesis of F, Y and W to provide their lost functions. Optimally, this all may take a month or more.

We now need to consider what the loss of those three Amino Acids to all synthesis may entail. Tryptophan is the sole precursor of serotonin AND melatonin. While you may have heard of serotonin's importance as a brain neurotransmitter for happiness and self-esteem, you may not be aware of its role in the intestine, the origin of its name in controlling peristalsis of the normal gut. Without serotonin, gut movement and mixing of food are prevented, stopping digestion. Gas builds up; cramps and pains become intolerable. Thus, to all this pain is added the toxin load, ill-mood, failing immune system, and the patient may wish she was dead.

What about Y? Tyrosine is the sole precursor for dopamine, another brain neurotransmitter essential for feeling of well-bring and for planning muscle movement. Tyrosine is also precursor to melanin which darkens the skin in response to sunburn.

We now also have an explanation of the reported autopsy findings that sulfate is deficient in many brain disorders (Autism, Alzheimer's): Glyphosate inhibits the sulfation of cholesterol and the glycosaminoglycans, both critical to cell membrane repair and health especially of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. (5)(1)

How does all this glyphosate ever enter the body? Glyphosate levels in our food chain took a monster leap upward in 1980-85, when (it being deemed so harmless) glyphosate spray was recommended to kill wheat and other grain crops, just prior to harvest. Thus the "weedicide" became instead a "cropicide" (6). Sprayed on your food at harvest-time, the chemical moves directly into the grain to where seed embryos are being pre-formed and joins the seed part which becomes flour and that we eat. So, if you ever doubted hundreds of privately paid-for tests show now that WE EAT IT! (7)(8). Such spraying of an unlicensed, untested compound on America's grain has all the logic of injecting each slaughtered chicken with formaldehyde, based on the reasoning that the cadaver would then not rot. As we have repeatedly seen, assumptions of harmlessness have been well-paid for. The initial reports of licensing appear now all to have been written by Monsanto employees and consultants, without attribution of interest conflicts. Some relevant postings of decisions have been removed, for example read here

But wait! Monsanto also sells you, Roundup Ready® crop plants (R-R). Follow their predatory marketing logic: To farm and to deserve to pay such huge seed fees, you must first qualify. What happened to a free market? You must sign away all your rights TO EVER TEST OR TO SAVE these seeds. And Monsanto has developed a righteous reputation of dangerous enforcer-lawyer teams. Against millions of years of nature and man's proud crop breeding practices, farmers now face a twisted patent authority, reserved by corporate off-shore money, thriving by the patent protection of a BOUGHT American congress. So, we now respond, what in the world is so important that users NOT be allowed to test or to ever document?

If no bacterium or plant can live with their Shikimate pathway "blocked" how can the GMO corn and soybean be "patent protected engineered" (AKA genes be altered) so as now to RESIST the claimed guarantee of the invincible Glyphosate?

Warning: The plot now thickens.

We must reexamine the claim that glyphosate BLOCKS shikimate pathway, and ask "How did Monsanto UN-block the pathway which all plants and bacteria use and on which humans depend for proteins? We look more closely at this pathway.

The BLOCKED enzyme in the chain is called 5-enolpyrovyl-shikimate-3-Phosphate Synthase. (EPSPS) - such names! Monsanto looked at the genetics of all the "weeds", which had recently defied their "patent-briefly-and-falsely-assured" master compound, and which now in a few evolutionary years had become resistant to glyphosate. These weeds got everyone's attention and again were flooding farmers' fields, now denied the exclusive and care-free occupation by their expensive chosen R-R crops.

Perhaps in a war-room, I do imagine they might have said to their best chemists: "Go! Do it like them weeds do it!" So, I again imagine these engineers came to realize the "blockage" claim was preposterous, and found what glyphosate actually does to EPSPS: to substitute this herbicide molecule for glycine molecule during EPSPS synthesis. Where genes coded glycine, glyphosate the destructor itself enters the incipient protein. It does not block it. Such devious mis-synthesis had never been admitted nor expected.

To make R-R crops, Monsanto took the gene sequence for EPSPS, located the code call for the normal AA glycine (Gly96), and modified it to Alanine (Gly96Ala), mimicking those offensive weeds (9). Glycine specification is swapped out for Alanine, the second most simple AA in the list of twenty. For these crops, this solved the mis-manufacture with glyphosate! But does it completely restore the synthesis of F, Y and W as well? Reportedly no, the artificial sequence now produces these AA in a comparatively poor quantity, but at least the plant doesn't DIE from Roundup application. So, now these expensive R-R crops provide less of the three AA in your diet, but you would never guess it from the advertising, and farmers today are only held to account for their produce by the market to an aesthetic value, not the nutritional value? Or, are they?

Now knowing that claims one and two are bogus, we ask, based on knowing EPSPS is destroyed by gulping in glyphosate instead of glycine as was the DNA design until the enzyme became useless to the plants and bacteria: what of the millions of other possible proteins could be similarly destroyed? Here, the picture gets much darker, because evidence has been now obtained by analysis, again by Anthony Samsel and Stephanie Seneff (10). If the code for glycine now inserts glyphosate in ONE protein, what about the accuracy of the 100,000 other proteins we code and daily depend on for mere life within the human genome? Our medical establishment cannot just go in to reengineer the DNA of every person in the planet, let alone all the plants and wildlife on the earth, and look for and replace every glycine code with an alanine code!! Especially now economically as medicine is in complete denial about food nutrition and contaminants.

Anthony Samsel has evidence about to be published, which he has allowed me to share with a wide audience, giving proper credit. We may hear the expression: "You are what you ate." Well, if informed people refuse to eat glyphosate-contaminated foods, what about feed that our confined livestock may have eaten (their having no such choice of refusal)? What if the meat and fat from slaughtered livestock has also been mis-manufactured, and we are consuming meals with (now-hidden-inside proteins) glyphosate, perhaps to be released as the proteins in our food are digested, thence damaging our gut and starting the horrible cycle anew? Such protein from the local store would actually test glyphosate free (bound in a long protein chains), and the danger would only emerge after eating and the toxic digestion had begun. Mis-manufacturing our own connective tissues with included glyphosate might predict rising connective tissue failure rates. How many elbow, hip and knee surgeries have you had in your family recently? How many needed to be redone?

But we haven't even discussed Monsanto's third claim: that glyphosate is readily broken down and does not accumulate in the soil. A lawsuit in France proved Monsanto simply boldly lied about this one; it is out there, Ralph!

We now have agricultural soils all over the world, contaminated especially in natural clays for decades, not for the days or weeks as claimed. Crops planted thereon are likely to slowly take up these residues, at sub-lethal levels, especially as it may be found now in mammalian structural proteins, such as collagen, actin, chondroitin, keratin, myosin, on which we rely for nutrition. These proteins are coded for many glycine entries, possible sites for glyphosate substitution.

In the cell protein manufacturing - in the endoplasmic reticulum - why do these two AA get mixed up? Glyphosate's proper chemical name is N-methyl-phosphonyl-glycine. Note the parent derivative name.

In commercial manufacturing, common glycine, COOH-CH2-NH2 is conceptually converted to glyphosate by attachment to nitrogen N of - CH2-P(OH)2=O .

One can see the similarity to glyphosate: COOH-CH2-NH-CH2-P(OH)2=O but one cannot forgive the deliberate other deceptions.

In the damaged proteins like EPSPS, the extra methyl-phosphonyl (bold) must stick out from each new protein, thus interfering with the three-dimensional folding and thus the strength and function of the original protein.

Dr. Samsel explained he has obtained connective tissues from a slaughter house, from pigs fed GMO-R-R feed containing glyphosate residues (11). He has then subjected these tissues to such digestion as would occur in a human small intestine. He then analyzed for glyphosate, both before and after digestion. The glyphosate undetected, bound inside the tissue proteins he assures me returns again, intact after the process, active in the resulting mix. In simple terms, glyphosate hidden inside the meat connective tissues, returns after digestion to threaten the human who eats it. Undeterred by cooking, it will still be there. Bone-broth anyone?

This news, both published and unpublished, is dire. It is not hyperbole to say glyphosate substitution may well be considered to be the cause of most of the idiopathic (unsolved) chronic diseases now rising in human world populations as glyphosate may continue to increase in our diets. The extensive immune damage from a single glyphosate gut disruption, likely leaves life-long auto-immune predilection. So, try this: Please ask your friends: who do you know has pain that "doctors" are not treating meaningfully? I'm betting you have heard but possibly discredited someone close to you, thinking they are crazy or self-indulgent. Really?

Why the alarm? What happens if one in a thousand proteins are mis-manufactured by a compound which does not break down as was supposed? Why care about deficient F, Y and W? Well, to put it bluntly, Y is precursor to dopamine (that when fails, produces Parkinson's disease). W is precursor to both melatonin (without which no brain repair during sleep) and serotonin, also essential for brain well-being and for gut food passage. Without both serotonin and dopamine, any person would likely be sleepless, and possibly exhibit severe mental derangement. Lacking self-esteem, some might become suicidal, or enraged and potentially commit mass mayhem - possibly indiscriminate murders about which their family and friends would then remain in disbelief, clueless about real causes. Could this clearly be a case of de facto government sanctioned poisoning?

Imagine, as friends relate to me, trying to sort through your child's chronic illness with the doctor, who may be more worried about his financial relationships with his drug company's reactions if he/she dare ask about Federally sanctioned food toxins.

Please understand, this is now evolutionary history. Never have ecologists seen a man-made contaminant thwart the 4-billion-year-old coding system for all living cells and produce vast amounts of the wrong protein from the correct code. We have a "mutation" without any mutation in the DNA. Why would any responsible scientist, trained to know this ancient locked-in plan of nature, deliberately produce a massive experiment with the largest selling agricultural chemical in history? Is there a just punishment possible for receiving billions of dollars, trading not only the future of human health, but for destroying the fundamental interactions of our entire living planet?

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