arctic military
© Sputnik / Yuriy Lushin
Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom criticized UK media on Wednesday for promoting the idea of countering the alleged threat from Russia in the Arctic via ​​a military build-up in the region.

"These speculations are yet another attempt to promote the idea of military build-up in the Arctic under imaginary pretexts. They run counter to the existing international legal framework and completely undermine huge efforts undertaken in the Arctic Council, where the UK is an observer state," the embassy's spokesperson said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, some UK media published excerpts of the report "On thin ice: UK defence in the Arctic" prepared by the Defence Sub-Committee of the House of Commons. Conclusions of the press report were reduced to the presence of "a serious threat to Britain from Russia on the Arctic flank" and the need to increase the capabilities of the UK army and increase defense spending.

Moscow considers the Arctic to be an area for constructive dialogue and equal, conflict-free cooperation in the interests of all the states, he noted.

"We hope the British media notices the impressive prospects for trade, economic and infrastructural cooperation in the Arctic and stops echoing those who can't wait to engage in saber-rattling in this part of the globe," the spokesperson concluded.

Earlier, London repeatedly expressed concern over Russia's alleged increasing military presence and activities in the Arctic region, and expressed fears that navigation in the Arctic could be limited.

UK government officials have repeatedly stated that they were ready to raise the level of defense spending using the "Russian threat" narrative to support such an increase.