sweden train station flood
© Thorén/hoke
Flooded train station? Just swim on ducky float and ignore traffic chaos
Heavy rains across Sweden in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave have turned Uppsala Central Station into a swimming pool. While some commuters struggled to reach firm ground, others turned it into a Nordic Luau.

Water filled the corridors of the Uppsala main railway station following torrential summer rain, disrupting traffic at Sweden's fourth largest city on Sunday. While authorities and emergency services were dealing with the chaos, some locals decided to have some summer fun, splashing around the main escalator which leads into the station.

Wearing full snorkeling gear, local photographer Sarah Thorén snapped and recorded a video of her family swimming under the flooded bridge of the station.

"The water was really dirty! But it was okay.. but we really needed a long shower after," Thorén told RT. "It was really fun, but I was wondering why someone didn't fix it.....I didn't see any police, fireman etc....very strange"

Others were not having that much fun as they had to carry their heavy luggage above their heads.

While authorities closed off the flooded part of the station before attempting to unblock the water collection drains as soon as they could, the Swedish Transport Administration reported ongoing delays because of torrential summer rains.

In addition to the train station flooding, the Forum Gallery and Akademiska hospital in Uppsala were also affected. Lightning from the thunderstorms also caused wildfires and affected air traffic throughout the country.