People in China saw the two lights changing places, sparking theories they were UFOs

People in China saw the two lights changing places, sparking theories they were UFOs
Chinese residents claimed to have sighted UFOs after several mysterious lights were seen flashing in the sky of Chongqing.

The strange bright dots appeared to move in a line as one disappeared and another one emerged in front of it. The eerie scenes from Wednesday have been captured in videos, which are trending on Chinese social media platforms.

While the rumours of extra-terrestrial activities were circulating among Chinese web users, a leading UFO expert claimed that the footage could be of 'a rocket zooming into the atmosphere'.

The series of baffling videos were posted yesterday on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform.

They showed several orange-red lights following each other in a linear motion.

Some web users claimed the scene looked like a cell splitting in the sky, whilst others said aliens were visiting China.

Weibo user 'wangshuashuadishua' said the phenomenon resembled 'a person making smoke rings while walking'; while 'BIM' gushed 'the aliens finally made their visit to China, they used to go to America only'.

There were also web users claiming to have seen the same mysterious pattern appearing above other cities, including Shanghai in east China and Xinjiang Autonomous Region in north-west China.

One influential science blogger, known as 'Steed's scarf' on Weibo, has another theory.

'Steed's scarf', who has more than 4.5 million Weibo followers, believed that the lights came from a moving plane and they were the aircraft's navigation lights.

In a post on July 19, he wrote: 'If you watch the footage carefully, the lights actually appeared in pairs. It came from a dark-coloured aircraft, so it was difficult to spot.

'The lights appeared a few seconds on the camera but as the plane kept moving, another pair of lights appeared. So it looks like one following each other.'

Leading British UFO expert Nigal Watson, the author of Haynes UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline that the footage 'could be of a rocket zooming into the atmosphere'.

'The pulses of light are either blasts from its engines or reflections. Similar lights were filmed elsewhere in China, suggesting it was something of this nature,' he said.

Chinese authorities are yet to comment on the matter.