Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, at a meeting with CSTO Foreign Ministers in Almaty, announced Russia's desire to gain access to reference laboratories that were opened with US financial support in Armenia and Kazakhstan

The words of Lavrov quoted the publication Kommersant: "Our special services and scientists are tense with the appearance of these laboratories, they do not rule out that this can somehow later be used against us, they do not put them in Western Europe."

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with other interested Russian departments (including security forces) seeks to avert the threat of the world's use of biological weapons. In some areas there is a positive trend. Thus, Moscow and Yerevan are discussing the possibility of signing an agreement on cooperation in the field of biological research, which will open access for Russian specialists to the US laboratories in Armenia.

In the southeast of Kazakhstan, on the basis of the Scientific Center for Quarantine and Zoonotic Infections, since 2016, the Central Reference Laboratory has been built and equipped with US financial means. Since the opening of the laboratory, representatives of Kazakhstan assure that this is a civilian facility.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier noted the threatening nature of the collection of human biomaterials in various regions of Russia for Pentagon investigations.

Curiously, the Pentagon collects living human tissues exclusively of Russians and Chinese, and the budget of the "Biological Participatory Program" is 2.1 billion dollars. The huge costs of the US and the high level of secrecy attest, at least, to the dual purpose of bio-laboratories.