neige, Normandie, 2018
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Snow in a Normandy garden this Monday.
This Monday, the negative temperatures allowed the snow to fall in places in the Eure and Seine-Maritime, even to hold on the ground.

Northern France is experiencing heavy rainfall. This Monday, they even give snow in places in Normandy.

These snow showers concern in particular the departments of Eure and Seine-Maritime. Temperatures are close to 0°C or even slightly below. As shown on this map provided by Météociel at 11h20, the temperature felt, which takes into account the effect of the wind, was negative in the majority of the department as well as in the South of the Seine-Maritime and the East of the Oise. In Rouen, the feeling was -5°C.

France, meteo, avril 2018
Météo France specifies that this snow should not hold on the roads.

At this moment || With very low temperatures for the season (1 to 3°C at 11h), the sustained rains turn locally to the snow in the interior of Haute-#Normandie (between Rouen and Vernon), the southwest of the #Oise and the Vexin.
However, a thin layer up to 2 cm (0.8 inch) thick has already been measured. The following tweet says, "The snow begins to hold on the heights of the #Eure #Normandie."

Normandie, neige

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