Frosts in Belarus are breaking records

Frosts in Belarus are breaking records
The temperature record of the current winter is beaten in Belarus - according to the data of the Republican Center for Hydrometeorology, Control of Radioactive Contamination and Environmental Monitoring in Klichev, a temperature of -30.4 ° C was recorded last night.

Frosts came to Belarus in the middle of last week: in some places the night air temperatures approached the -30 ° C mark. The weather forecasters explained the cooling by the so-called ultrapolar invasion - the arrival of cold air masses to Belarus from the Arctic.

According to Hydromet, last night the coldest was in Klichev (Mogilev region) - there was recorded a drop in temperature to -30.4 ° C. It was in the Mogilev region that five people died from frosts since the beginning of the year. At the same time, according to weather forecasters, the strongest frosts were observed on the night of February 27 in the Dnipro floodplain, where it was everywhere below -25 ° С.

Doctors recommend not to stay long on the street. Warm passers-by are assisted by mobile heating points of the Red Cross, where they serve hot tea and, if necessary, warm clothing.

Ice Age Now reports:
Anomalous cold persists in the center of European Russia.

During the past few days in parts of Belarus, the average temperature has been 14-16 degrees below normal.

New cold records for February 27 in Bobruisk (-28.5), in Zhitkovichi (-26.6), in Gomel (-23.8), and in the city of Klichev (-30.4°C).

Record cold in Central Russia

In Rybinsk on February 27, the temperature dropped to -33.3°C, shattering the old record of -28.9°C set more than half a century ago, in 1963.

Other record holders included Vladimir (-26.5) and Tula (-26.4).

Siberian frosts in the center of European Russia

Moscow running 10-12 degrees below normal. February 27 recorded the lowest temperature of the season (-21.7).

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