Migrants arrive in Italy
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Migrants arrive in Italy
Janos Lazar, Hungary's chief of the prime minister's office, said he rejects the UN's position that migration has a positive effect on the economy.

Although there's a difference of opinion, the chief of the government office said his country will continue talks with the UN about the current migrant package.

According to Lazar the plans to "remove legal or physical barriers and open up borders" are unacceptable. He added that "making migration organised, continuous, and legitimate" is against Hungary's interests.

A few weeks ago, Hungary's foreign minister, Péter Szijjártó, mentioned there was a chance his country would walk away from the UN negotiations on migration. He then said:

"The principle laid down in the [UN] draft document [that migration has positive effects and cannot be stopped] is false and fabricated.. Migration is dangerous and it can be stopped."