peru metal spheres
The mysterious spheres were found by peasants in southeastern Peru
Experts are baffled after large steel balls appeared to fall from the sky, terrifying thousands living in nearby neighbourhoods.

Reports have emerged that the mysterious object disintegrated above eastern Brazil and northern Peru.

The bizarre incident was accompanied with loud booms.

Comment: The booms probably wouldn't have been caused by the spheres per se, but whatever craft or larger object carried them through the atmosphere before disintegrating/exploding - assuming that they are indeed man-made and part of a satellite.

People living in Larancahuani, in the region of Puno, Peru, were reportedly left terrified when three metallic spheres crashed down.

The unexplained incident unfolded on January 27.

Video footage from the day appears to show a fireball hurtling through the sky.

It prompted fears of an imminent meteorite impact or an alien invasion.

According to the Peruvian Air Force, the incident may have been the spectacular reentry of the SL-23 rocket and three spherical objects were fuel tanks from a satellite.

metal spheres peru
The mysterious objects may have been from a satellite
metal spheres peru