Britain's first 'private police force' has 100 per cent conviction rate
© Georgie Gillard/Daily Mail
A PRIVATE police force probing hundreds of crimes including murder and rape has a 100 per cent conviction rate.

The firm - Britain's first - has successfully prosecuted more than 400 criminals and is led by former Scotland Yard senior officers.

TM Eye is now believed to bring more private convictions than any other organisation except for the RSPCA, Daily Mail reports.

The company has a service called "My Local Bobby", which costs wealthy homeowners around £200 a month and involves a guard patrolling their streets.

TM Eye are also looking three murder cases that cops were unable to solve and are helping out in rape, missing persons, burglary, theft, stalking and blackmail cases.

In two years, the company has successfully convicted 403 criminals for fraud, intellectual property theft and other offences.
my local bobby
Services include 'My Local Bobby' where officers patrol streets
Police forces are becoming increasingly stretched and say they no longer have the money to investigate some crimes such as shoplifting.

Comment: Because, like the National Health Service, they're being deliberately underfunded and they're being directed by the ruling regime to divert resources to Orwellian causes: England's police deployed to hunt down 'offensive speech' amidst an actual rise in crime

But it is feared private policing will see only the rich get protection from private officers, the newspaper reports.

Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said: "Eventually there will be a two-tier system with the haves and the have-nots, and if you have money and live in a £20million house in Chelsea you can pay for private security.

"My concern would be, where is the public scrutiny if it goes wrong? If they are allowed to go and do police's job for them, that is a dangerous status quo."

Figures show the firm has 36 criminal cases currently awaiting a result at UK courts, and they are working on 60 further investigations in London, Cheshire, Dorset, Avon and Somerset and Essex.

In six months, 60 investigators have caught suspects wanted by cops for attempted murder and rape.

They have also managed to smash a major counterfeit goods gang using undercover operatives.

TM Eye doesn't charge for investigative services but recoups costs from the courts if offenders are convicted.

Comment: If they're working on a "no win no fee" basis then they would tend to only take on cases they know they will win, and thus recoup the costs, rather than what the police are assigned to do which is to pursue justice.

My Local Bobby was launched last year and covers up to 250 houses in plush Belgravia, Mayfair and Kensington.

Rich clients shelling out up to £200 a month are given a "meet and greet" service from the car or Tube and have a hotline straight to their officer, who can respond to crime in five minutes.

The firm's managing director David McKelvey, a retired Scotland Yard detective chief inspector, said: "We probably do more undercover work than any other law enforcement agency. We have a better surveillance capability and equipment than most forces.

"It's about catching the bad guys and protecting the public, and we can help with that.

"Police are on their knees, sick to the teeth with what is going on in their job. The bottom line is we have better uniforms, better pay and better support at work. It's a huge growth industry."