Sudanese women
© Andreea Campeanu / Reuters
Women caught wearing trousers at a party in Sudan have had charges of indecency dropped against them. The 24 women were facing up to 40 lashes and fines.

Morality police raided a party in El Mamoura, south of the capital of Khartoum Wednesday, where the women were present, the Dabanga reports.
"The party took place in a closed hall in a building in El Mamoura," activist Amira Osman said. "The girls were arrested for wearing trousers, despite obtaining a permit from the authorities."
The El Shargi District Court dropped charges against all of women Sunday.

Women in Sudan usually wear loose robes, and it is against the law to wear trousers and short skirts. Article 152 of the Criminal Code covers indecent acts, which includes wearing obscene outfits.

Sudan outlawed "indecent or immoral dress" in 1991. Under Article 152, morality police, or Public Order Police, can arrest anyone who isn't dressed appropriately.

Tens of thousands of Sudanese women are flogged for wearing indecent clothing each year, according to estimates by the Sudanese No to Oppressing Women Initiative cited by Amnesty International.