William Binney
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William Binney
For the past several days, the corporate-owned media has been engaged in a smear campaign against Binney, the former NSA technical director and legendary whistleblower, labelling him a conspiracy theorist. This was prompted by reports that he met with CIA director Mike Pompeo to discuss his finding that the alleged hack of the DNC server during the 2016 election campaign was in fact a leak.

The high-stakes intrigue in Saudi Arabia continues as Saudi citizens are instructed to leave Lebanon immediately, and the Lebanese Prime Minister continues to be held in what appears to be house arrest. Is another war around the corner? Radwan Chehab, political analyst, joins the show.

A new study from Brown University has found that the total cost of the so-called War on Terror amounts to an eye-popping $5.6 trillion. That's $23,386 per US taxpayer! Ted Rall, editorial cartoonist and columnist, joins Brian and Walter.

The Trump administration is tightening the screws on the blockade of Cuba, prohibiting additional transactions in its drive to reverse the thaw in US-Cuba relations that began at the end of the Obama presidency. Joining the show is lecturer, journalist and author Arnold August.

NATO is growing yet again. The alliance's Defense Ministers decided yesterday to create two new commands, including one focused on naval operation in the Atlantic. Reiner Braun, co-president of the International Peace Bureau, joins the show.

On today's episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker and Walter Smolarek are joined by NSA whistleblower Bill Binney.