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During a visit to Moscow, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that he was confident Russia would come to Venezuela's aid if the South American country were to face intrusions from the Trump administration. "I am sure, even if we do not ask, we will be given even more support to boost Venezuela's defense capacity and sovereignty," Maduro said during an energy forum.

The comments were prompted in part by President Donald Trump's August statement that the U.S. would consider a "military option" for stabilizing Venezuela, which has been plagued by economic turmoil and civil unrest. Maduro said he would discuss military cooperation with the Russian government next week, McClatchy reported.

The Venezuelan leader thanked the Russian government and spoke about the mutual respect between former Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez and Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that the cooperation between the two countries made the Venezuelan forces "three times stronger over the past 15 years."

"Putin is the leader of the emerging world, the world we want to live in. Putin carries the banner of decorum, dignity and peace," Maduro added.

Tensions between the the U.S. and Venezuela have increased to all-time-high after Maduro usurped democratic institutions and cracked down on protesters voicing their opposition to a socialist regime that has plunged the country into deep economic misery. Trump's threat of intervention has confirmed the fears of Venezuelan leaders, who have long accused the U.S. of meddling in their domestic politics and covertly prepping to overthrow the socialist regime, according to McClatchy.

In Moscow, Maduro said the U.S. threats must not be dismissed, adding that Trump is trying to bully his country - a relatively small nation with little global outreach and no nuclear weapons or military bases in other nations.

Despite that, according to Maduro, the U.S. should not discount the military power of the Venezuelan military. "We have a glorious history on the battlefield," he said.