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Trump was elected on the basis of turning the US ship of state around: no more senseless wars, no more regime change operations, no more pay-to-play politics, and no more gutting the real US economy to feed the fake one. In short, 'draining the swamp' that is Washington, DC, and reversing US economic decline.

What we've instead seen under a Trump administration is more militarism overseas and legislative crises on the domestic front, all shrouded by a "vortex" (CNN's term) of "questions and tension at the White House" as Trump's agenda is lens-distorted by an entirely fictional 'Russian scandal'.

The so-called 'intelligence community' - really, a cabal of ruthlessly psychopathic 'reality-creators' with complete disregard for facts - effectively holds Trump hostage via the media. And that, in itself, points to something unprecedented: the degree to which the media - in the US and across 'Westernia' - is aligned with the cabal against Trump.

Day after day, on issue after issue, from giving public speeches to meeting foreign leaders, the media twists everything Trump's administration says or attempts to do. The White House attempts to communicate with the public via social media and daily email newsletters, but even in this medium it is drowned out by media distortion.

This week we go Behind the Headlines to find out what's really going on in Trumpland, and probably much more. Join your hosts at 6pm CET 12 noon EST for our usual lively discussion.

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