water filtraion plant Donetsk
Ukrainian forces have seized the water filtration plant in Donetsk. Russell Bonner Bentley, the famed soldier known as "Texac" (Texas in Russian) who traveled to the DPR to fight on behalf of DPR military, has stated that the Ukrainian forces are in all probability wiring the water filtration plant for demolition, as water is still flowing in Donetsk currently.

This development follows days of numerous amounts of bombardments and other disturbing events in recent months that have hinted at possible war, such as mysterious deaths of Russian diplomats abroad, totaling 4 within 3 months. Texac stated ominously, "So, ready for war..."


"Water still running, but doesn't seem to be clean. It is not and cannot be trusted. There are many wells, and filtered water is still available. The situation is serious. People, especially more vulnerable like elderly and mothers are concerned, but we continue with our business and our lives. This is a serious provocation and complete breach of Minsk. As of now, there is NO ceasefire. I will post updates as they occur." - "Texac" Bentley