White Helmets Aleppo
White Helmets claim that they are a non-governmental organization and do not keep in touch with any of the armed groups in Syria. All their work is aimed at saving as many lives of ordinary people. In liberated Aleppo ANNA-News crew was able to find unique materials that shed light on the true activity of the so-called rescue workers in Syria.

Then I was told in order to get paid I had to work as an actor. We asked, why do we have to do this? We were told, Europe and Turkey will not pay us otherwise. Gulf countries also would not pay.

I was there when they were doing a staged video in Salah al-Din district. There was a burning bus, next to the building there were kids. But it was fake. The kids were waiting until we help them, but they were OK, they only had makeup on their faces and hands.

...I know that same scenes were filmed in the Bustan al-Qasr district.

We were constantly staging [scenes].

Also among us were people who worked with militants. They participated in child execution at al-Mashan square.

We many times asked why we had to work as actors. We were told that we have to make videos and in it say that the army is killing civilians, that the Syrian and Russian armies are bombing civilians... if we didn't keep saying this, we would not be supported.

I hope that my country will forgive me."

--Abdulhadi Kamil, former White Helmets 'volunteer'