Aleppo liberated Syrian Army
© Omar Sanadiki/ReutersLiberated Aleppo citizens celebrate
ISIS-Al Qaeda was defeated in Aleppo...the establishment media is not happy about that.

Aleppo is liberated. The sovereign, secular, internationally recognized government of Syria has retaken the city from US-Saudi-Turkish funded and trained Al Qaeda-Al Nusra- ISIS Wahhabi Jihadists.

The Duran's Alexander Mercouris reported yesterday...
As the "Great Battle of Aleppo' approaches its end - which will probably come tomorrow - there could not be a sharper contrast between the way in which the news of the Syrian army's victory is being celebrated in Syria, and the gloom and anger with which it is being received in the West.

In Aleppo itself film shows joyful Syrians flooding onto the streets to celebrate the Syrian army's victory and the coming end of the fighting in their city.

Meanwhile in the West UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who heads a UN Secretariat which has played an appalling role in supporting Western regime change agendas first in Libya and more recently in Syria, has issued a statement expressing his "grave concern" about atrocities supposedly perpetrated on civilians in a way that is clearly intended to place the blame on the Syrian authorities.
Those who wish to see Al Qaeda and ISIS defeated are joyous. Those who have been supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS under the guise of "moderate rebels" are devastated.

The Duran is calling it a "liberation." The establishment media is branding it an "atrocity".

The most recent "fake news" to hit the wires (courtesy of the ISIS embedded White Helmets and the one-man London twitter show known as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights), speaks of Assad forces now "Burning People Alive".

ISIS's habitual ritual of burning people alive has now been projected onto Assad. "Rebels" are portrayed as some heroic group making a last stand against Assad's march, not mentioning that those "rebels" are in fact Wahhabi jihadi radical ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorists.

The Red Cross, the group that completely refused to condemn the ISIS-Al Qaeda missile strike against a Russian hospital last week, is now coming out to issue a warning that the Syrian government is committing human rights atrocities against ISIS Al-Qaeda rebels.

The final battle for Aleppo was the liberation of a city invaded by outside jihadi forces, sent in by the US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia in a sinister plan to overthrow the secular government of Assad and replace it with a Wahhabi, Sharia law, puppet dictatorship.

The establishment media was, and remains, on the wrong side of history.

They are openly upset that the ISIS-Al Qaeda forces have been resoundly defeated by a stubborn Syrian army, that has successfully pushed back against America's six year Syria regime change policy.
CNN fake news Aleppo
CNN fake news Aleppo
The last of eastern Aleppo's neighborhoods look set to fall to the Syrian regime, a bloody end to the four-year battle for control of the city.

As government forces retake rebel-held areas, they are being accused of executing people with ties to the rebel groups. Humanitarian volunteers in Aleppo issued a desperate plea for help.

Relatives of Free Syrian Army rebels, including women and children, were among those executed, activist Mohammad Basbous of the Aleppo Media Center told CNN Monday.

"Every hour, butcheries are carried out," the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, adding evidence to earlier reports from the United Nations of atrocities against a large number of civilians.
Fake news Aleppo
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The Daily Beast
The Syrian Civil Defense, or White Helmets, an internationally renowned team of first responders, said more than 90 bodies of people presumed to be still alive are under debris and that its volunteer staff reported they could hear the voices of children trapped in the rubbles of their houses.

A member of the group in Aleppo told al-Arabiya TV on Monday night that men, women, and children were huddling and crying in the streets and at the gates of empty buildings in the few neighborhoods that remained in the hands of the opposition. He described the situation as hopeless, because precision munitions and indiscriminate barrel bombs had destroyed the city's medical facilities, ambulances, and fuel supply.

Unconfirmed reports, circulated by opposition media, suggest that mass atrocities have already begun, such as the summary executions of 17 in al-Kalaseh neighborhood, 22 in Bostan al-Kasrand, and the immolation of four women and nine children on al-Firdous Street. The Daily Beast could not independently confirm these figures.
Fake news Aleppo BBC
The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said people had "literally nowhere safe to run".

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon voiced alarm "over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians".

Thousands of people are trapped in just a handful of rebel-held districts, which are facing intense bombardment as government troops advance.

The volunteer rescue group known as the White Helmets and three other trapped aid groups said people feared for their lives, and have pleaded for safe passage out for civilians.

"The women may be taken to camps, the men 'disappeared' and anyone who is known to have supported civilians will face detention or execution," they said in a statement.

Syrian state TV showed footage of people in western Aleppo celebrating, amid reports the army was close to victory.
NYT fake news aleppo
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New York Times
"We are hearing terrifying S O S calls from the civilians, but we can't do anything," said Bassem al-Hajj, a spokesman for Nour al-Din al-Zenki, one of the main rebel groups in Aleppo. "The fighters are defending, but they are retreating under pressure. Unfortunately, the situation is very bad."

The focus has now shifted to ending the bombardment and protecting the remaining civilians from reprisals, a reasonable fear in a country where, throughout the six-year conflict, people have been tortured and killed in prison for opposing the government.
Reuters Fake News Aleppo
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Syria's army and its allies have taken full control over all the Aleppo districts abandoned by rebels during their retreat in the city, a Syrian military source said on Tuesday.

On Monday rebel defenses collapsed, leading to a broad army advance across more than half of the remaining insurgent pocket in Aleppo and a retreat of opposition fighters to a few districts on the west bank of the city's river.

Recapturing the entire rebel pocket of Aleppo will constitute the biggest battlefield victory yet for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his military coalition of Russia's air force, Iran and Shi'ite militias.

For rebels, it will mark a sobering loss and leave them without a significant presence in any of Syria's main cities. They still hold much of the countryside west of Aleppo and the province of Idlib, also in northwest Syria.

After days of intense bombardment of rebel-held areas, the rate of shelling and air strikes dropped considerably late on Monday and through the night, a Reuters reporter in the city said.

The military official said the rebels were fleeing "in a state of panic", but a Turkey-based official with the Jabha Shamiya insurgent group in Aleppo said late on Monday that they had established a new front line along the river.

Celebrations on the government side of the divided city lasted into Monday night, with the Reuters reporter there describing the bullets coming "like rainfall" as fighters shot into the air in triumph.

As the frontlines quickly shifted on Monday, however, thousands more people fled the fighting, carrying what possessions they could carry and sometimes pushing relatives in wheelchairs, before a heavy rainstorm began in the night.

The International Committee for the Red Cross issued a plea in an emailed statement early on Monday for all sides to spare civilian life.