911 destruction

Comment: How could such an event as 9/11 have occurred in some of the best protected airspace in the world - and done with the knowledge of leaders inside of the US - one might ask incredulously. After all, if it were a conspiracy, wouldn't the truth of what happened and who was really responsible be public knowledge already? The fact is, many of these facts are known. But with so many who are so complicit in one way or another, with a media that has failed to ask and investigate the most basic of questions, and with a nation of people who are either too afraid or too uninterested in what the real answers are - we are, 15 years on, still mostly sitting in the dark of the Big Lie.

Kudos to James Corbett of the Corbett Report for putting the following presentations together. The videos below present a valuable look at how various individuals in very different positions of power all "did their part" in helping to bring about, cover up, and benefit from the events of that horrific day; high standing members of the pathocracy all. But as thorough as these videos are, each on a different personality, know that these examinations are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Note: The titles below are links to the transcripts of the videos.

Rudy Giuliani, his grotesque relationship to 9/11 - and new job offer

Christine Todd Whitman's suppression of information regarding toxicity levels on 9/11's ground zero

What neocon architect of the 9/11 Commission Report Philip Zelikow did to maintain the big lie

Famed CIA vet
Robert Baer knows man with foreknowledge of 9/11 - has done nothing about it, nor has anyone else

Commander of NORAD General Ralph Eberhart didn't follow 'standard operating procedure' on 9/11 - deflected blame on FAA

Dancing Israelis on 9/11 points to the real criminals of that day: 'Our purpose was to document the event'