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Have you noticed? Our planet is in the grip of environmental and social chaos that shows no signs of abating. Quite the opposite in fact. Violent and deadly events across the planet have increased to become almost daily occurences. Prolonged record breaking droughts are followed by torrential rain and flooding. Volcanoes and earthquakes are 'going off' at a rate never before seen. The lives of our planet's billions of poor people are directly threatened by these events, keeping them in a state of stressed distraction. Meanwhile, politicians and other 'elites' continue to plumb new depths of mendacity and corruption. War and bloodshed has been engendered to the point that it is a mainstay of 'normal life', terrorizing some and terrifying others, while rumors of 'world war' are deliberately disseminated to keep those who might know better afraid and silent. Global economic collapse is increasingly touted as just around the corner, starting in the USA, as the 'forces of law and order' there rack up ever more civilian kills.

So what's behind this rapid decay of our 'quality of life' and the impending destruction of our global society?

Join your hosts this Sunday from 2-4pm EST, 8-10pm CET, for the answers.

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