With the pace of Earth Changes apparently quickening in 2016, we've decided to publish this second Summary video for the month of January.
Flooding Mississippi
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The flooding of the great Mississippi River Basin in early January - which followed record-breaking rainfall over the New Year - was unprecedented for wintertime. The only similar event was the Great Flood of 1937, but back then just one tributary - the Ohio River - flooded. Last month saw the Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Meramec Rivers - and the Mississippi itself - all burst their banks, flooding parts of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee. There are no records in US history of such happening before. In addition, the rivers crested at all-time record heights in a number of places.

The US Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions flipped from experiencing their warmest ever temperatures for December and early January... to being buried under a record-breaking 3-day blizzard that killed 55 people. The North American cold wave extended as far south as Veracruz, southern Mexico, which is experiencing its "coldest winter in history." At the same time, a powerful cold wave in East Asia extended as far south as central Vietnam, where snow fell for the first time ever. An unusual cold wave also extended deep into the Middle East, where hail turned the Arabian Desert white and snow reached as far south as Kuwait (another first!).

Sinkhole Oregon
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Another sinkhole opened up in China to swallow a moving truck, but the most notable sinkhole last month opened up on a highway in Harbor, Oregon. In fact, a large sinkhole and a landslide occurred there. Note the location: this Oregon event was one of a number of events last month - all possibly seismic in nature - that took place in or near the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Another such event was the powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake in south Alaska, the most powerful to hit there in decades. Another was the 'mini-tsunami' that nearly drowned walkers on Pacific Beach in Washington state.

Severe thunderstorms in Australia brought tornado-force winds and dumped up to 10 inches of rain in parts of Victoria and New South Wales. Elsewhere in the southern hemisphere, Tanzania's 'rainy season' extended into January, and record-high summer temperatures in Johannesburg, South Africa gave way to intense hailstorms that damaged buildings, killed many birds and left the suburb of Krugersdorp blanketed in several inches of white ice. The oceans, meanwhile, continue depositing masses of sea creatures on shorelines around the world, with an unprecedented number of whale beachings occurring along North Sea coastlines last month.

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