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Russian President Vladimir Putin has beaten David Cameron to be crowned the most popular choice for the next prime minster of the United Kingdom.

The ex-KGB strongman attracted the support of four out of five Express.co.uk readers, compared with just one in five who opted for the current PM running the country.

Asked 'Who would you rather was Britain's prime minister?', 78 per cent chose the Russian president, while 22 per cent voted for Mr Cameron.

The poll of 1,0
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00 people follows an Express.co.uk survey on Putin's airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, which found more than 70 per cent of readers supported the bombing raids.

Putin's popularity has soared in recent months, with a Russian poll carried out in October putting his approval rating at 87 per cent. In the same month, Mr Cameron's approval rating continued to nosedive with 49 per cent judging him to be doing a bad job.

Putin's popularity in Russia has remained consistently high in the wake of the annexation of Crimea and airstrikes in Syria. But despite the definitive Express polling, the Russian leader continues to divide opinions in Britain.