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Several days after releasing a historic front-page Op-Ed calling for gun control in the aftermath of the San Bernardino shooting, the NYT decided to actually do the analysis to find out just what it is that drives gun sales.

In an article title "What Drives Gun Sales", the NYT tries to spread the blame around, accusing everything from loose restrictions, to higher handgun sales, to hurricanes, but the real reason is a simple one. It begins with the letter O, ends in bama, and has made the crusade for gun control one of the core prerogatives of its presidency, as the following chart from the NYT itself shows.

gun sales
Which, incidentally, is what we showed just a few days ago:

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So in case Smith & Wesson, whose stock just hit an all time high today, wants to thank someone, just thank the top gun salesman of the century.

#1 gun salesman Obama