Ole Dammegard, investigator
For almost 30 years, investigator Ole Dammegård has been on a quest to find the truth behind some of the worst conspiracies in the history of world - such as the murders US President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John Lennon and the blowing up of m/s Estonia killing at least 852 innocent people.

This has taken him on a very frightening and dangerous journey into unknown territories. What has been claimed as acts by lone madmen has turned out to be connected to the International military industrial complex and top level high finance, all sanctioned locally behind dark smoke screens.Ole has also analysed the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was gunned down in February 1986.

Pyschopathic assassins, top politicians and innocent scapegoats make up the characters in the macabre drama known as global politics.

Ole recently joined Behind the Headlines hosts Niall Bradley and Joe Quinn for a riveting radio show...

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Joe: Hi and welcome to another Behind the Headlines show on the SOTT radio network. I'm Joe Quinn and my regular co-host Niall Bradley is with me.

Niall: Hello Joe. Hello everyone.

Joe: And we also have Harrison Koehli back with us this week.

Harrison: Hi everyone. Good to be here.

Joe: This week we are interviewing Ole Dammegard. Ole is an author, international speaker, former journalist and investigator who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. He has also investigated JFK, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Lady Di, the terror attacks of 9/11, the terror attacks in Norway, Oklahoma City, the Boston Marathon bombings, etc., etc., etc. There's a long list obviously. We won't go into them all.

Over the past 25 years Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, to one extent or another which has led him to believe that the same people were involved at least in both, the JFK and the Olof Palme murders, as well as many other major events. Ole is the author of several books including, Coup D'État In Slow Motion and Shadow of Tears. Coup D'État In Slow Motion is a book that focuses on the assassination of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, who was gunned down in February 1986. So welcome to the show Olf, [mispronounced]. Sorry Ole.

Ole: Ole, ole, ole!

Joe: It's great to have you. We mentioned Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister who was assassinated in 1986 and the book I mentioned Coup D'État In Slow Motion deals with that, but with other topics as well. But you're also at the minute writing a book specifically on the assassination of Olof Palme.

Ole: Yeah, that is true. The thing is, once you start really, really digging into these assassinations, then over the years more and more links bring them together. When I started out I had absolutely no idea that so many of these awful events were connected in any way or form. It's only over all of these years and since I've really dedicated my life to truth that I've managed to find them, pulling them together like a long string of - I wouldn't call them pearls - but connecting the dots which has been absolutely astounding and also terrifying at times because once you see the power behind them and how they are carried out it's quite scary.

At the same time I feel the more I find out that the power behind so much of the mayhem that is going on in the world is planned and ordered by a very, very small so-called elite group, I think that is really good news because then instead of us living in a totally crazy world filled with terrorists and violence and unjust wars, once you start seeing that it's actually a very, very small group that is behind the curtains pulling the strings, that gives me a lot of hope for the future.

Joe: Yeah, absolutely. When you talk about a link between, for example, the murder of Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister and JFK, and you talk about this small group of people, I'm assuming you don't know any names so I'm not going to ask you for names.

Ole: I totally have names.

Joe: You do?

Ole: God yeah! I don't speculate. I go straight to the point. I name names. I publish photos otherwise what is it worth. Everybody can have an opinion or a theory. I don't go into conspiracy theories. I go for conspiracy facts. As far as I can judge it, because I try to double, and triple check it from different sources and so on, and of course there is some speculation, but when you start putting together the jigsaw pieces and they fit perfectly, then it's where you start. At least I start to put it forward as a theory but based on facts; sometimes theory but most of the time I do everything I can to build around facts. And then when it is a theory, I say it's a theory.

Joe: Well that's a good way to go about it. That shows a lot of integrity and responsibility because there are a lot of people out there who are just throwing around ideas without really backing them up. On who these people are, obviously people who were involved in the JFK assassination, these days are either dead or getting on in years.

Ole: Yeah.

Joe: So are these people Americans, for example?

Ole: If we take the JFK assassination, the team that carried it out - it is always like this. The order comes from way; way up high in the power pyramid and the order goes down through the different layers so that it's absolutely covered in fog and very, very hard to prove connections up there. So the people that carry out these assassination and terrorist acts, have absolutely no idea where the order came from, why they're even killing that person or blowing up that building or whatever. It's just they do a job. They're skilled mechanics. They do it. They're ordered to do it. They're well paid. That's it, boom!

So what I'm trying to do is focus on the street level, identify the mechanics, who carried it out and then slowly, slowly get higher and higher up trying to connect the dots. And what I found is that there was a top secret team put together of top assassins in the late '50s, early 1960s. It was actually Vice President Richard Nixon that was given the task from President Dwight Eisenhower, to put together this ultra-secret team of assassins that could be used globally to knock out whomever they had problems with, whether it was in business or competitors or politicians or Presidents in foreign countries, whatever. Whoever they had a problem with; they needed someone to knock them off the ladder.

And so they gave this task to Richard Nixon. He then contacted some grey wolves in the CIA. These people were Ted Shackley, E. Howard Hunt and David Atlee Phillips. These three were the ones that were in charge of it and also had been part of several top assassinations over the years. They had been behind coups in Guatemala, other countries like that. They were part of the Iran overtake where they knocked out Mosaddegh and put the Shah in position and so on.

So these guys were very skilled and what they did was to go down to Miami and they started recruiting mostly exiled Cubans that had just fled from Cuba. So the people they recruited were former military people, police officers, from the air force, body guards and so on; violent people, disciplined but very violent. They then got this team together. They named them Operation 40 or Group 40 and they were then trained in the everglades in Miami. They were trained north of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana and down in Guatemala as well. They were trained in everything from blowing people up with bazookas, bombs, poison, shooting, you name it. Anything that could kill someone, they trained them in it.

There were about 80 people where 20 of them were assassins. The other ones were there as enforcers or to freak people out or beat them up or intimidate them or were part of the propaganda and so on. But this team that was first aimed at Fidel Castro but then after the Bay of Pigs failure when suddenly everybody was blaming Kennedy for this, this cannon was aimed at him instead. So many of the shooters in Dealey Plaza that day were members of Operation 40, which I had absolutely no idea about until many, many years down the road when I started seeing the same names appearing again and again and again in different areas and then somehow, I'm not really sure what it was, put me on the track to this operation.

This Operation 40 has been called the grandmother of operations. It's sort of the template that they use and these people, even though they change the names of the groups for each and every operation, it is still the same members that have been extremely central in the JFK assassination. I can name them if you want; the Robert Kennedy assassination, Martin Luther King assassination, the murder of John Lennon, the murder of Che Guevara, the overtake of Salvador Allende in 1973 in Chile. They were the ones blowing up Orlando Letelier in embassy row in Washington, D.C. They were part of the team that took out Olof Palme in Stockholm, 1986. They killed Robert Smith in South Africa and so on and so on and so on. They were also part of the doing the attack on Bob Marley. They have been very, very central.

So when I started seeing how extremely important these individuals have been over the years, I put a main focus on them. I also found that they were very essential Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, which was an extension program where they killed some 20,000 people. They were also very essential in educating people in Chile and other Latin American countries in torture, assassinations, whatever; awful things, awful things. They were also totally central in the Iran Contra scandal where weapons were smuggled out and flown in military planes, medivac planes and so on, out from especially Louisiana and Arkansas then down south to countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, where they armed the Contras army and then going back to the states, they filled these planes with coolers containing raw cocaine. This was then illegally imported into the states and there being part of creating the whole crack epidemic in the states.

One thing I have not told you yet is that the guy who was in charge of the finances for this group was a man by the name of George Herbert Walker Bush, George Bush Senior, as a young man. So he was the guy funnelling the funds into this assassination group. And he has been using this group and had them by his side his whole career, all the way up until today.

I'm a personal friend of Chip Tatum who was one of the pilots in the Iran Contra scandal who was also a deep cover agent for the CIA for 25 years. He was a black ops assassin. He was one of the night-stalker pilots, these black helicopters. He was also the commander of an ultra-secret hit team called Pegasus that was under the direct control of George Bush. Sr. So, he's carried out some 17 assassinations globally under orders from George Bush, Sr. Today he's become a whistleblower. I'm a good friend of his. My website is on his server and so on, so I've got a lot of information from him as well as about this group because he knew them all. He's been working with all the Presidents from Nixon all the way up to George Bush, Sr. on a personal level. He's been flying them around everywhere and so on.

Joe: That Operation 40 is officially CIA, official in the sense that it's publicly known. It's on Wikipedia so you can look it up on Wikipedia although officially, at least as far as Wikipedia says, the undercover operation called Operation 40 was only for the purpose of seizing control of the Cuban government after the Bay of Pigs, but there's nothing more on it. It makes sense that a group like that would not have just stopped what it was doing in terms of overthrowing a foreign government and killing people, they wouldn't have just stopped after the Bay of Pigs, or just limited themselves to Cuba.

Ole: Yes, and Joe, without boosting my ego too much, I would take a lot of credit for this group being publicly known today.

Joe: Oh yeah?

Ole: I've done hundreds of interviews about this over the years. When I looked into it, to start, when I found out, there were a few who had sort of spotted this group as well, but this was top secret info. But since they're so central in so many, I've done everything I can to get it out there. And this Wikipedia of course afterwards - Wikipedia is not something I would trust very much - after that in the gaming industry they'd come up with Operation 40 and these types of things also. Some of the assassins that I and others pointed out that were part of the Olof Palme assassination, they turn up in video games as well, The Call of Duty and so on.

So it's almost like there's some force behind these things trying to take the edge of the real truth and put it so that if somebody says Operation 40 or Michael Vernon Townley, another assassin or something like that, they'll go "Oh, you play too many video games.", that type of thing.

Niall: Even conspiracies are mass marketed these days.

Ole: For sure, for sure.

Joe: The people who were named as part of this operation, that you mentioned, David Atlee Phillips and E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis I think.

Ole: Frank Sturgis, yeah.

Joe: These are all names from the JFK assassination as well.

Ole: Yes, big time.

Joe: So it's not a conspiracy to say that this obviously goes deeper than just Cuba.

Ole: God no! It's like Frank Sturgis for instance; he was one of the Watergate burglars. And the Watergate burglary was there because Nixon was freaking out that evidence would surface that would connect him to the JFK assassination. So all the Watergate burglars, except for James McCord, were part of Operation 40 and they were there to clean it up.

But with the Watergate burglary there was another layer to it because it was actually George Bush that was behind it, to get Nixon off the chair as President so he could take over. But that's another story. But Frank Sturgis for instance, was also involved in the killing of the Portuguese Prime Minister and Defence Minister in 1980. So these guys have been moving on, I'll tell you.

Joe: Yeah.

Harrison: So Ole, in regards to the Swedish Prime Minister, I don't know much about him and I think probably a lot of our listeners wouldn't either. It just seems to be a part of the American or western mentality to ignore a lot of events that go on outside of North America or France, Germany or the UK. So could you give us a bit of background on who he was what he was doing and then maybe make the connection to the names that you found connected to the JFK assassination?

Ole: It is an extremely complex assassination, very, very multi-layered and I did almost nine hours on Red Ice Creations just to take this one apart in layer after layer to actually show in the end what I believe happened, because that is totally incredible. He was a very multi-faceted individual. You have the official story that people believe in Sweden and so on, that he was the defender of the weak and poor and that he was a totally good guy, always looking out for the poor countries, the weak countries, like Cuba, Palestine and Nicaragua, these countries. But at the same time he was a member of the Bilderberg Group. He was a member of the Committee of 300. He was really working for the elite at the same time where he was a big player.

So I would describe him very much as a Trojan horse. They used him to get access to these countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Palestine and so on because what they did was when he was more or less totally unknown in the '70s; he had grown up and was very much involved in military intelligence before he got into politics. He came from a right-wing family. Then overnight he suddenly became a social democrat which is left and they say that it was because he hitchhiked in the southern states of the US and saw the poverty there so he totally changed personality. I would say absolutely not true! But what they did was they hijacked the social democrat party and then in '72, I think it was, when the whole western world were sort of on their knees just worshiping the US and Israel, he suddenly stood up next to the Vietnamese ambassador, walking in a demonstration showing his support against the US which was just a shock. It was internationally recognized as a total shock. He was the first one that ever dared to stand up, but the thing was it's come out later that he did it to gain the confidence from these other ones based on "Oh my god, finally we can trust somebody that is standing up for us."

He did several these stunts where he stood up and then afterwards - you can read memoirs of other people who worked with him - he did these stunts in the media and then he ran straight back to the bankers and so on and said "Listen guys, don't worry. Don't worry. This is only a charade but its part of the plan so calm down. We're just going to follow the plan but I need to do these things."

So he did that and afterwards he was Fidel Castro's guest. He was down in Nicaragua. He was the friend of PLO. He was the friend of the Kurdish resistance movement and so on, which got him access to these countries and also the global elite got access. He was a total double agent. So they infiltrated their way into it exactly like a Trojan horse.

Joe: Unless I'm skipping ahead, who killed him or why was he killed?

Ole: [Laughs] You totally skipped ahead.

Joe: Alright, go ahead. Forget the question.

Ole: But I'm going to go straight to what I really believe happened because you got the official story that he was gunned down by a loan crazy guy. [Sounds of snoring] Sounds very familiar I would say and absolutely not true. I identify all the people that were part of the team that killed him. It was carried out with military precision by a group put together by the stay behind Gladio network, people from different countries; different groups and so on, with no apparent connection. It was people from West Germany. You had one from the states. You had several agents from South Africa, two Germans, one Norwegian and local back up in Sweden.

But the whole thing was that in the fall of 1985, six or seven months before his death, if what I've been able to find out is true - I've spent so many years and risking my life many times to get to this level of truth - I believe that he found himself with HIV. This was just when AIDS was the massive, most feared disease in the world and it was labelled gay cancer or gay plague and he had been part of some of these elite sex parties that now is coming up to the surface more and more on an international basis. You know it, these paedophile gangs and so on, on a very high level. He was part of that as well and somewhere down the line he got infected.

So they had a very small emergency meeting because when that became known to his advisors and so on, they found themselves in a situation with two options: either he would forever be the name connected with this shameful disease, his whole life work would go to smithereens, his family would be dishonoured and all of that, the social democrat party would go straight down, everything that he had worked for worked for would be destroyed, option one. Option two: we (meaning them) carry out an assassination of him because when you look at how legends are created, like JFK, the second the bullet entered his skull he became a legend, suddenly an untouchable. He would forever have his name in neon lights; Marilyn Monroe the same, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Lady Di. When they get killed they become a martyr, a bigger-than-life legend that will forever be praised.

So his advisors said "Why don't we do it like this? We stage an assassination, not a real event. We stage one so that we set the whole thing up as a real assassination but instead of you being killed, we kill a double. At the same time that he's being killed you are taken out of the country in a private jet, flown down to the south of Europe where you will then spend the rest of your life in luxury in one of these castles owned by the elite. You'll get the best treatment. Your family can come and visit you at any time. You will get a plastic operation so people won't really recognize you so you can walk more or less freely and so on. Then that's it."

So this decision was taken some six months before, but what they knew was that if this ever came out, it would be a scandal that was just a global scandal that would hit Sweden very badly. So they needed to make it look real. So what they did was they put out a contract on his name. The people that accepted the contract did not know that it was an inside contract, so they had a real hit team that came to Sweden. The whole murder/assassination was planned by a South African colonel called Craig Williamson and they were training and planning the whole thing just west of Johannesburg at a little farm called Daisy Farm.

It was just like in Mission Impossible, when they sit and go through all the photos and files and "This guy's good for this. This guy's good for that." Then the message would be destroyed in five second. That type of thing, that Craig Williamson put together the hit team and then they came to Sweden with backup from local right-wing police officers and security people from the stay-behind Gladio network in Sweden and so on.

But the whole thing was that there was one key person whose name was Paul Gustav Ursling. He was a right-wing police officer, very high up in the Swedish police and his task was to exchange the ammo, supply them with weapons, and make sure that they could practice and so on with these weapons to make sure that everything was okay. But when it got close to the hit, he would exchange the ammo for blanks instead of real ammo, so that the people involved in the killing believed that they actually murdered someone, which they didn't.

Joe: But...

Ole: Can I take this just a few minutes more?

Joe: Sure.

Ole: Because there's even another layer to it because what happened then was that when they planned for his assassination, what they needed for him to do, if he was supposed to become a legend, he needed to clean up his act. He was involved in different illegal weapons smuggling activities on a very high level and involved in many other things that were very smelly. So what he started doing was behaving very, very strangely to the elite, the ones that he had been loyal to over all of these years because suddenly he started to destroy a lot of evidence. He stopped gunpowder deliveries for the Iran/Iraq war, missiles. You know Oliver North from the Iran Contra scandal, very closely associated with George Bush Sr., when they started seeing what he was doing and also they stopped one delivery of stinger missiles, totally contrary to what Bush and Oliver North and he had agreed upon, so Oliver North went to Stockholm saying "What the hell is going on?" And Olof Palme more or less gave him the finger, "Bugger off you horrible person. Go home!" which made some people very, very, very upset.

It just kept on like that. In many different areas he was doing very, very strange actions because he was trying to clean his act up but nobody knew about it. So they thought that he had gone totally mad. So there was a series of meetings in Wiltshire in England where top people from stay-behind NATO, some top businessmen and other people from the elite met up there without knowing that there was already a contract on his name. So they decided "We need to take this mad guy out". So they decided to put their own team to kill him. But while that was on the way, the NATO team - if you call it that - discovered that there was already an operation, an ongoing murder assignment going on. So what they decided was "Let's do it like this. We'll just become like a shadow, follow the other hit team and then in the last minute if they don't carry it out efficiently, we'll just do it the right way, kill the guy and then blame it on the other team.

This is what happened. But there are so many more things to it because he actually survived. It was a double that was killed there.

Joe: What was killed?

Ole: A double. It was not Olof Palme himself that died there.

Joe: Okay.

Ole: In 1986. He died several years later, I think around 1996 as far as I've been able to find out. And I have some leads saying that he died in Toronto, in Canada at a hospital there, from AIDS. So it just goes on and on and on. My book is almost 1,000 pages where it's not my opinion. I just put this massive jigsaw puzzle together so that each and everyone can make up their own opinion.

Joe: It sounds like a very convoluted scenario.

Ole: Oh! It's incredible. It is absolutely incredible.

Joe: So the bottom line you're saying is that Olof Palme was not killed on that day in 1986.

Ole: A man was killed there, but it was not Olof Palme.

Joe: Right.

Ole: And I tell you, I am trying to find a way to get the grave x-rayed to see if there's actually a body down there because I can almost give you my right arm that that grave is empty. It's a massive scandal if that turns out to be true.

Joe: I see.

Ole: And the people right after the assassination that were put there to investigate it, it's always when you have these kind of black ops, that the investigation is part of the crime and their only task is to cover the whole thing up, blame everything on the lone crazy guy and then cover it up, cover it up, cover it up. And the leader for this investigation, he said right after it happened, "If the real truth ever comes up to the surface, it will shake Sweden in its foundation." What would shake a nation in its foundation? That a drug addict killed the Prime Minister because he mistook him for his drug dealer? That a group of right extremist police officers killed him? No, it needs to be a very big thing and I truly believe that I'm right on the spot when it comes to this. I've been contacted by insiders that were around Olof Palme that have confirmed several times that I'm spot on, right on track.

But many people have died around this, witnesses, people involved; the pathologist and his wife both committed suicide the same day. There's a whole long line of dead bodies following this assassination, including two of my friends, unfortunately.

Joe: And you think two of your friends were killed for investigating this?

Ole: I know they were. That is a very tragic fact.

Joe: Were they shot or how did they die?

Ole: No, no. One of them was standing in a subway and somebody bashed his skull in and the other one died from a very, very aggressive cancer. He was totally fine and then he went for a health check up, came back. Within one week he had a brain cancer that just spread like a grass fire. A very high-ranking police commissioner, he labelled both of these two murders. So it's not me who put forward that they were murdered. This is a very high-ranking police commissioner.

Joe: Really? He officially said that?

Ole: God yeah! And in my book I've got the autopsy protocols and where you can also see the wording where my friend Engvall Hamel (Spelling?) [35:20], the way his head wounds are described, it is absolutely not the way they would be described if you fall and bash your head into the pavement, it is where outer force with a heavy object had been inflicted on the skull, exactly how you describe it when somebody is killed like that.

Joe: It's hard to imagine someone in officialdom going on record and saying that cancer was actually an assassination.

Ole: Oh, it's standard procedure with so many. This police officer I talked about devoted his life to exposing what went on. And he didn't die violently but his career was totally smashed and bashed. He was ridiculed. That's the way it goes. You go too close to the truth in these cases, you burn yourself. You have to step very carefully.

Joe: Yeah. I personally allow for the fact that these so-called elite have all sorts of toys that they could use to take people out in ways that appear to be natural causes.

Ole: It's very simple. Killing people is so simple.

Joe: Yeah. I'm jumping ahead and maybe you don't want to go into Olof Palme in too much detail because we want to talk about other things, but Olof Palme had pissed off the Americans around Oliver North and the Iran Contra thing and they did want to actually assassinate him, right?

Ole: Yeah. There were many people that wanted him dead.

Joe: And you're saying not necessarily because he was a humanitarian do-gooder.

Ole: He was not! This is the thing. He was not. He was playing a humanitarian do-gooder. He was not. It was an act. And the thing was that he was working for the so-called elite - I call them the minority because they're really so few. They name themselves the elite which is a bit of a joke I think because it should be the other way around. They're very, very dark. When you look at the agenda it's extremely dark. But people like Olof Palme were part of it. But this is the thing, when somebody's taken out on that level either it is because here is someone who is standing up for the truth, which they fear - they really fear the truth behind many things - or peace. If you want peace and you're trying to accomplish what most of us want, a beautiful world in harmony with no wars and so forth, if you're someone with a voice that is strong enough to be heard by millions, they take you out because they then see you as a major threat. And this is what happened with Lennon and Bob Marley and other people like that, Lady Di, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King. Many, many people have been taken out like that.

Or you're one of them but you suddenly start behaving as a whistleblower or a traitor or you become unreliable and then they take you out. Two different things.

Joe: Yeah, absolutely. Go ahead Harrison.

Harrison: Speaking of those other individuals, because you've just described Olof Palme as being a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Ole: Totally.

Harrison: But it seems that the other individuals you've mentioned are the total opposite. At least the public perception is that they were taken out because they were that voice of change or good. One of the individuals that you mentioned earlier that I'm interested in hearing about is Marilyn Monroe, but also Lady Di. I was wondering if you could just talk a little bit about Marilyn Monroe and how that ties into this whole picture.

Ole: Marilyn Monroe is a really tricky one because it gets very complex in the end of the whole thing. She was the goddess at the time, like a sex icon and she got herself involved through Hollywood, with people in the mob at the level of Presidents and so on. But at that level also she was being used - many foreign guests, foreign Presidents from Indonesia and other people - were given her like a welcome gift. They had sex with her and so on and also the many of the mob were using her.

But the one that she fell in love with was JFK and then later on Robert Kennedy. There's quite a lot that is pointing towards her being pregnant with the child of JFK. At that time when this started to come up to the surface, he turned his back to her and demanded that she have an abortion, which she refused. He turned his back like I said, and Robert Kennedy came to her aid, trying also to calm her down because she was getting more and more reckless. She was speaking too much. She had this diary with lots of details about a lot of very, very sensitive things that she was not supposed to know of or talk about.

She was trying to blackmail her way back to JFK and so on and she just got out on very, very thin ice there. And in the end, the way she was murdered it would take a whole show to describe what was actually going on that night. But there were several different layers of this. The tragic thing was that she was yet another victim in this chess game where the players are on a very high level globally and they're just using people right, left and centre and when there's no more use for them, they kill them or they kill them and then blame the murder on someone else.

And here that was exactly what happened also. As far as I've been able to find out, the murder itself was ordered by Sam Giancana the mobster in Chicago, and he sent four people, one of them being Chuck Nicoletti, who was also one of the shooters in Dealey Plaza. He was the shooter in the so-called Dal Tex building. These people were driven by James Files to the airport. James Files is another. He is the shooter behind the picket fence in the JFK assassination. This was one year before the JFK assassination, so it was just the groups of the same people that were being used more than once.

It is a very complex story. I prefer not to go into it. If you want to we can do a show just about that, but I can just mention Lady Di. I would say one of the major reasons why she was taken out was because she started a campaign against landmines. And landmines are a key thing in the global so-called elites' agenda. Many times when they invade a country it's either for minerals, oil, diamonds, these type of things, or poppy field or it's for the strategic position of that country, so that they can use it for secret landing strips and so on for refuelling planes. But what they do is they use the landmines for instance, if they so-called invade a country, to just put thousands and thousands of landmines in the area to scare the normal population away. They even disguise them as toys and leave things so that kids will pick them up and be blown away, to scare the population away, away, away, and once they're out of the way - and it will take hundreds of years to clean this area - they know that they can carry out whatever they want without being interfered with.

So when Lady Diana started focusing on landmines, this was a major threat to their agenda and I would say one of the major reasons why she was taken out.

Joe: We didn't see the potential of Lady Diana. We obviously saw what she had in potential, which was concern and empathy for people who were suffering around the world, in particular people who are suffering from war, and can only imagine with her status, where she would have gone in terms of bringing awareness to that and getting the people behind her and putting pressure on the so-called elite in that way. So I think they just profiled her as someone this is someone that we do not want...

Niall: And having a Muslim boyfriend.

Joe: And having a Muslim boyfriend as well. Can you imagine the kind of ...

Ole: Also, she knew so many secrets about the English royal family. They're in so much dark stuff there. They're so involved in so much. But many of these people like JFK, Lady Di and also John Lennon, the reason why they were taken out is because of their status of popularity because if you or I say "go left" or "go right", who would care? But Lady Diana was worshiped by millions and millions of people that these people could otherwise not reach, like ordinary housewives and so on. But when she said something, they listened. And here she was suddenly putting the spotlight right on one of these major tools for their agenda and that freaked them out.

Niall: Ole, your description of there being two plans with respect to Palme's assassination or not, reminded me about a theory about the same for JFK.

Ole: Yeah.

Niall: That the idea initially was to scare him or scare the public.

Ole: I tell you, many times when top assassinations are carried out, it is by design that several different plans are going on at the same time to create confusion. The people involved in these different teams are not aware of the other ones. So for instance when someone like me comes to a crime scene, it is so confusing, it's just pointing in all different directions. This is done by design. And with JFK there were at least two different operations going on; one hit team but another abort operation that was trying to stop the assassination. And this was actually initiated by Lee Harvey Oswald. He was trying to stop the assassination and they were flying in a team, other forces within the CIA who was not in on this assassination, flew in a team. Tosh Plumlee was the pilot from Operation 40. He was flying some of the people into the operation but they failed.
When you look at it, there were several different shooters in the manholes surrounding Dealey Plaza - I think they're called manholes, with a lid on going down to the sewers.

Joe: Yeah.

Ole: For instance there's one bullet that hit right next to one of these manholes, we're talking centimetres. When you look at the direction, that shot is fired right up from one of the buildings next to the Dal Tex building. I believe, because Tosh Plumlee had said they had a team of I believe of about 10 people involved in trying to stop the whole thing and their task was to eliminate the shooters. That shot was fired from up there, trying to hit one of the shooters in the manhole. That or one of the shooters was so awful at shooting, because it was two metres away from the limo. So that shot on its own is also showing a second operation going on.

Joe: Yeah, it seems pretty clear that Oswald was involved to some extent in something but as he himself said, and it's on the taped recordings of when he was in the Dallas prison and he got a few words out to the press who were trying to talk to him. At one point he shouted "I didn't kill anyone. I'm just a pasty." So he was aware at that point, after the fact, of his role, it all made sense to him at that point. But it suggests that he was involved in something and what he didn't know was that he was being set up.

Ole: No, he was very aware of that. I can tell you the whole story if you want. I'm also a personal friend of his girlfriend, Judyth Vary Baker. What actually happened is that we have several different things going on and Judyth Baker was 19. She had the highest IQ in Florida and she was doing private research on cancer because her aunt had died. It turned out that in her school lab she managed to get the fastest growing cancer in the US. She was trying to make it grow fast to find out what was activating the cancer cells to grow like that, to find a cure.

But instead when the CIA got notice of her, they thought "Let's recruit her" because they were trying to create a bio-weapon that could be used against Fidel Castro at that time. We're talking the spring of '63. So she was offered a job in New Orleans. She went there and in a post office in New Orleans she bumped into a handsome young guy by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was then involved in this whole project and Judyth was not aware that it was not by coincidence that they bumped together. He bumped into her and became her controller and got her in touch with people like David Ferrie.

If you've seen the JFK movie, he's the guy with the red wig who was not involved in the assassination itself, contrary to what the film suggests. But it was Dave Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and several different other very high up scientists who were working on trying to create a bio-weapon, a very, very fast-growing cancer that could kill someone in less than 30 days and Judyth was very active in this whole thing.

Joe: They were trying to do this based on a monkey virus, right? This is Dr. Mary's monkey virus?

Ole: That's spot on. But also Judyth has written several books about it. One is called, Me and Lee and the other one is called, Dave Ferrie. I met her and I think she's one of the most important witnesses in the world today, also one of the bravest. She's just a small little lady and a beautiful human and in just a few weeks I'm going to have the honour of interviewing her at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen. I managed to get her invited there and we're going to do an interview on a sofa. We're going to talk a lot about these things.

Joe: Cool.

Ole: Because what happened, if it's okay if I just go into some details about it.

Joe: Sure.

Ole: They worked very hard on creating this bio-weapon against Fidel Castro. At the same time Lee was the one that was supposed to deliver it, to get it to Cuba because they needed to get this living organism, these living cancer cells, into the body of Fidel Castro somehow. Also what they found out was that this was a cancer that when you exposed it to radiology, these x-rays, it exploded almost. It amplified the growth of it. At that time radiographics was the way to treat cancer. So the whole idea was to get the cancer cells in the body of Fidel Castro through his cigars or food or whatever, and then when he started having the symptoms of cancer, they would then use the radiology to cure him, but that would instead slowly kill him. So it was a very sinister plan.

But to get to Cuba with that, Lee Harvey Oswald had to look like a pro-Castro supporter. So this is why he was walking around in Louisiana giving out leaflets like, "Fair Play for Cuba", these things, so that the Cuban embassy in New Mexico would accept him and give him a visa so he could transport it there.

Joe: And that's why Oswald was sheep-dipped over into Russia and got himself a Russian bride and stuff and was brought back in with no problems whatsoever.

Ole: No, that was before. That was several years before.

Joe: Yeah, but as part of creating a profile for him that made him look like someone who could get into Cuba, was pro-Castro basically.

Ole: There were so many different operations going on and then suddenly when JFK became the victim or was the target, then people like David Atlee Phillips, who was Lee Harvey Oswald's controller as well, finally thought together with Guy Banister, why don't we use Oswald? We can totally control him. He's got the perfect background. We can blame him. We can paint him totally black in the eyes of the public. So they set him up but Lee Oswald was aware of it. From the end of July he was aware that he was being set up for this because he was getting more and more involved with people who were being prepared for the assassination.

And when he discovered that, he together with Judyth Vary Baker did everything they could to stop the assassination and this is why this FBI telex goes out, warning about the assassination. He managed to stop it in Chicago. It was also stopped in Miami. And then in Dallas he said "Even if I have to fire a warning shot that will divert the motorcade away from the Texas School Book Depository, I'll do it." He knew that he had to risk his life but he said "If I don't do it they will kill Marina and my children." He had two small girls, a newborn. And also they would kill Judyth and himself as well, so there was no way out for him.

And by the way, Jack Ruby was involved in this project also. He was a close friend of Lee Oswald and he was trying to stop it as well.

Joe: When you start to think about all of the details of the situation, it becomes this extremely confusing morass of something that obviously makes sense to someone and it worked because it got them what they wanted, the assassination of JFK. But if you just look at Lee Oswald and the fact that he got no time whatsoever to say anything to the press before he was shot by Jack Ruby. My impression of Jack Ruby was in some way mind-controlled. I don't know if you've heard this but there's the suggestion that the hypnotic trigger for Ruby to pull a gun out and shoot Oswald was the car horn that went off twice just before Ruby shot Oswald. If you watch that archive footage...

Ole: I totally know it. I've been in contact with a police officer that was in the area. First there's one horn just when they get out of the elevator. Then there's another one, boop! Everyone's on stand-by. And then when they turn the corner the car reverses towards them, making them stop so that Ruby could get a free shot. So that car is very much part of the killing of Oswald.

Joe: Yeah, that's what I mean. But Jack Ruby then was arrested and gave a few interviews. He said some very cryptic things afterwards in the few interviews he gave. He started talking kind of crazy, talking about Jews and Zionists. And then within a short period of time he's dead from cancer and this brings up the kind of cancer you were talking about.

Ole: They used the exact thing that they had come up with in the lab. He was killed in 29 days. He was injected with this. He smuggled out notes through the jailer to his friends and family saying "I've been injected with cancer. Please, please get me out." But they kept him under a radiology machine for almost an hour after this injection, so he was dead meat. He knew it.

Joe: Once you go into that, the whole thing is like a spider's web. You know that it's all happening. You can see the evidence, but it boggles or blows your mind to a certain extent that there are people who would be doing this kind of thing.

Ole: In that case, I must say you're naïve because my god, when you get into this world, it is unreal, the level of evil and the level of...

Joe: Yeah, but that's what I'm saying, that when you get into it, it boggles your mind. It's amazing and it's really hard to figure out that these people - I'm not suggesting that they don't do what they're doing. The evidence is there that they are doing this, but just that such people would exist and that they would be so engaged in these kinds of things like developing cancer, injecting people with cancer and enhancing cancer with radiology. It's mind-blowing, but it's there as pretty hard fact. It's the most plausible conclusion.

Ole: I totally agree with you. I tell you, one thing I've always had problems with is understanding the mindset behind things like the so-called New World Order and Agenda 21 and this whole thing. It's a totally mad mind behind it! I don't get it. I do not get it at all. Then I was on an interview with Vinny Eastwood and we were talking about these things. He said "But the only reason you don't get it is because you're not a psychopathic killer. If you were, this would make total sense to you."

Joe: Right. And that does seem to be a very good explanation for how and why these people do this, because the idea of psychopaths is effectively that they don't feel any empathy, essentially. They look at other people just as nothing, as a piece of meat. And they have no self-doubt, they can just go ahead. If they see that someone is to die for them to get what they want, they do it as easily as picking up a piece of food and eating it. It's that simple to those people and that's why ordinary people, as you were just saying, who look at this, don't believe any of it because they can't believe that such a kind of creatures exist, that are so effectively not human, or missing the thing that makes the rest of us human.

Ole: It's business as usual, nothing personal. That's the way they say it. But I know Chip Tatum has been involved in different false flag operations and many, many meetings and assassinations and so on and he says they have staff meetings, very ordinary meeting like this and this and this and when it comes to false flags they go through "Okay, what is the effect we're looking for? What is needed? How are we going to set the whole thing up? Okay, this, this, this. We need to take these people out. No, 20 isn't enough. We need to amplify the effect, put in some children and women."

Joe: Jeez!

Ole: "Make sure that they get hit. Go for the day-care centre or something like that because we need the emotional impact." It's just discussed like that. And then they carry it out, boom! They see what happens and they have follow-up meetings right after it has happened, checking, "Did we get the required effect or do we need to amplify it?" And this is often where you can see when there is such a thing as, if you take for instance the beheading in Woolwich, this absolutely hoax, so badly carried out, they didn't really get the effect they wanted and boom! Right away within a few hours there was an almost identical thing in Paris that took place there, to get the required effect on the public, saying "Oh my god!!"
Because that is the thing, they use this old, old Roman template called; problem, reaction, and solution. Because when you have elected yourself as the elite few, how do you control the masses? You can only do it through fear.

Joe: Trauma.

Ole: An outside enemy. So they secretly create a problem and the reaction they want from us is that we do not use the brain that god equipped us with, but that we go emotional. We go "Oh my god! Oh my god! Something needs to be done!" And then we turn towards the people that we have no idea are the ones that are actually behind the problem saying, "Please, help us, help us." And then they say, "Well the only way we can help you is" and in they roll with the solution. And the solution every single time is something we would never, ever have accepted had it not been for "the problem".

Joe: Yeah, exactly. You mentioned them having to up the emotional factor of these kinds of attacks that they carry out. The immediate one I think of is Sandy Hook where you had 20 school children, little 3-year-olds, and someone goes in and murders them. We've done a show on that and it's pretty clear that this guy Adam Lanza was an Oswald, or even less, a real patsy. But some other adult working for some section of the US government, if you want to call it that, went in there and without a second though, slaughtered 20 3-year-olds. That really boggles peoples' minds.
I don't know if we said this in the actual show but there's hard data from, for example Northern Ireland in the mid-'70s after a series of tit-for-tat shootings supposedly between the IRA and the loyalist paramilitaries but was all being effectively organized by British intelligence. There's official documents' showing that, to up the ante after the last killing which was supposedly by the IRA but was actually by an MI5 informant or agent within the IRA, killed a bunch of protestant workmen. MI5 decided that for the retaliation against that they were thinking about going into a primary school and kill 20 or 30 children.

This is pretty much official, that British intelligence were tabling this as a good idea. So it shouldn't be surprising to people when we say Sandy Hook wasn't what they said it was. It was done by, effectively, your government. But it's just too horrific for people to conceive of.

Ole: And one of the things is that these false flag operations are a drill; a drill, a drill, a drill that then...

Joe: The planning.

Ole: Exactly. The reason why they have these drills is to be able to get vehicles in position, explosives, actors, and back personnel, all of these things. And also sometimes lure the patsy into a position where he can then be killed or blamed, then thank you and good-bye. Because if the lone crazy guy is killed that ends it. No investigation is needed. Thank you very much folks. Good-bye and go home.

The reason why they always want him alone and crazy is because if he's alone, then by law it's not what is called a conspiracy and then there's no need to investigate it as if there was a criminal thought behind it. And the reason why they want him crazy is because then there's no motive. "He's just crazy. He did it." So that also takes away the whole reason to look into this.

Joe: Yeah. Ole, what's your take on ISIS and that whole thing that has been going on for a year?

Ole: ISIS is a total upgrade of Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda itself was a creation by the Mossad and the CIA, a totally inside job, funded to create mayhem.

Joe: Right.

Ole: It's there to create fear. That's the whole thing; to freak us out so that we will accept the New World Order, a world army, not there to protect us, but to control us.

Joe: And when you say New World Order, that's a phrase that's used a lot by different people. But what is this New World Order that we're going into or are we already in it?

Ole: We're very close to it. They're moving forward very fast so thank god for programs like this because you will never hear these things in mainstream media because that is so controlled at this point. The New World Order is something that this so-called power elite have been trying to centralize, the power to fewer and fewer and fewer over actually hundreds of years, maybe even more, but the New World Order was first presented by George Bush, Sr. on 9/11, 1991, exactly on the date before 9/11, 2011.

The New world Order idea is that an elite few will control the rest of us. They will do it with a one world army. They will dissolve NATO and the UN troops and join it together into a world army, which is what they're trying to do now. They want a one world currency, digitally. The reason they want it digital is because now when you have notes and coins, if you're somewhere and you try to buy something with your credit card and suddenly it doesn't work; now you have notes and coins saying, "Listen, I'll pay like this instead." But once that's gone, which it is in Sweden, it's almost gone. You can't use normal money anywhere almost and in Denmark it's getting to that point as well. Once normal money is gone then the one controlling the chip in your credit card or on the chip that you've been injected with or whatever, totally controls your life because they can just turn you off or turn you on; totally dependent on what they want.

Also there's no chance for black money or anything. They are in control. They want a one world chipped population so that everything can be monitored, every single little move and - very sorry to say - they want to depopulate the world with at least two-thirds of us. Not themselves of course, but they want a lot of us not here. And it just goes on and on like that. Agenda 21 is a plan that has been accepted by many, many countries. I think on YouTube there's an Agenda 21 for Dummies and so on if you don't want to spend too long looking into it. That shows you the Orwellian state that they're trying to create, a totally scary place for us to be, where we are totally controlled, to an extent that you have no idea of how dark it is, controlled by this small group of people in the so-called elite that has chosen themselves to be the ones choosing between life and death for the rest of us.

I think it's extremely important to become aware of what is going on because otherwise you will look upon the world today thinking, "Oh my god, it's totally crazy. The financial situation has totally gone off the hook."

Harrison: That topic about health...

Ole: Okay.

Harrison: Because that seems to be pretty much endemic over the globe, even in more mundane ways because when you mess with someone's health, it basically creates a weak population and if they're not functioning at their optimal levels, they're easier to control. One of the topics that we've been focusing a lot on is peoples' regular diets.

Ole: Oh it's awful.

Harrison: It's totally awful. And not only that you've got the big Agra industry and the foods that you can buy in the stores and that people are eating are totally wrong for their health. From what we've been researching and what we've found out, that's pretty much the number one cause of disease, the food that we're eating. But not only that we've got regular toxicity from pollutants and the chemicals put into everyday products that we've got in our houses. And then there's big pharma, so all the drugs that we take. It's this vicious circle where you destroy a person's health and then put them on drugs that are supposed to help their health which actually make them sicker, which creates this population dependent on drugs that's unable to think and unable to function to any degree that they'll be able to see something.

Ole: It's done by design.

Harrison: Yeah, exactly. I wanted to go back to something that you said earlier that I liked; you don't necessarily like calling them the elite but rather the minority. Joe, you had brought up the topic of psychopaths. There's a book written by Andrew Lobaczewski called, Political Ponerology that really gets into the topic of psychopathy in politics. That's pretty much his view of things, that psychopaths actually make up a minority of the population but under certain conditions, are the ones that take over populations and governments and that the only hope that we have for actually countering this is to be aware of that fact, that they are psychopaths and what the nature of psychopathy is.

You mentioned earlier that your friend had pointed out to you, "Well, you don't think like a psychopathic killer." So I'm just wondering if you've looked into the nature of psychopathy at all or political ponerology for that matter.

Ole: I have and the thing is, we need to be responsible for what we are doing and how we are acting and I would say when you see somebody pulling the same stunt again and again and again and again and again and again, using the exact same template again and again, and we're still buying it, what does that say about us? How asleep can you be? How much evidence is needed before people react? In these situations, this is where people who are psychopaths step forward and take over because we're just running around absolutely brain-dead. I'm not saying that as an insult. I'm involving myself as well, earlier on. Totally brain-dead, letting them get away with it again and again and again.

This is why they are treating us without respect. Because we do not really deserve it, I think. So we have handed over our personal power, the power of our lives into the hands of absolutely mad people. So we need to wake up to that fact and take it back, not violently but by exposing what is going on, by exposing the truth. This is why my website is called; Go into the darkest of the dark corner and aim the light and the truth shall set you free, as is so beautifully said. This is the way you defuse them.

It really is like the Wizard of Oz when this little girl Dorothy, who wants for everything to go back into balance and harmony the way it, used to be. And they say, "You need to face the Wizard of Oz, this awful, scary, powerful Wizard of Oz." She goes there, she faces her fears, instead of the rest of us being too fearful, and she's the one doing it. When she comes there, there's this awful voice, "I'M POWERFUL AND YOU'RE WEAK! YOU'RE WEAK!" which is what media is pumping at us now.

Joe: Yeah.

Ole: But what she finds out is she sees this power cord going behind the curtain and she goes up, pulls the curtain, and what does she see? A little old guy sitting there hiding in the dark with a microphone and a massive big amplifier. That is the elite. These are old guys (most of them). They have no clue. Their talent is manipulation, lying, and cowardliness. That is their assets. But they have the biggest propaganda machine the world has ever seen, pumping out into our houses especially through this black box that we have in front of us so many hours per day, where they're just pumping out this fear-mongering pornography crap into our homes, totally making us feel powerless, taking away the power from us. Whereas I say there's this magic button on the remote and it says, "Off". That is a very powerful button because it is like you have an open sewage canal coming into your home that is being used by design, by very, very advanced techniques, to manipulate your mind into subservience. "Just eat another slice of pizza, GMOs and all of that crap. Have another drink with fluoridated water and all these kids so you won't be able to think. And then look at X Factor a second time the same evening."

That is the way to keep you in control. I think it's really important, what you said about food. There's no quality to food nowadays. Even fruits and veggies are being so manipulated. So with what we stuff into us, one of the things that happens is that you cannot have long, consistent thoughts, getting to conclusions. Most peoples' span for being able to concentrate and focus is very short nowadays. It's like this, this [Snapping fingers], I need something new, new, and new. You cannot sit down and really dig into things and also uncover things. And once again, this is done by design.

Joe: Yeah, very true. There's just one other topic - well there's a lot of topics that we haven't covered...

Ole: I was just going to say just one?

Joe: One other major topic that I don't even know whether or not it figures into your research and investigations is the topic of UFOs.

Ole: That is an area I have absolutely no idea about. I chose at an early stage to avoid that one, just to not lose credibility. I have been called a tinfoil hat for many years anyway, so I needed to choose an area where I was passionate about. I focused on serial killers, on assassins, on false flags, that area. Then if people ask me about reptilians, I don't even want to go there. I have no idea. And UFOs I know very little about, so it's better you ask someone else.

Joe: The only reason I asked is because at first glance, it does seem to have a link into the power structure in this world.

Ole: Totally, totally.

Joe: I'm thinking of Richard Dolan's book where he's actually presented military documents, hard evidence, to show that the US government at certain periods during the last century knew about them, were very interested in them. It's an interesting question as to how they play in because they do obviously factor into the thinking of this so-called elite. They're on their radar. The question of what they know about them is a big one I suppose.

Ole: I totally agree, but once again, I don't know about this. What I do know is that if you see how society has suddenly come across technology overnight it seems like, lasers and these other things, just overnight, boom! Whoa! And it's just totally revolutionized society; it didn't come slowly or step-by-step, it was just boom! That's it! And there are a lot of investigators who say that these types of things are a...

Joe: A function of...

Ole: Technology. Yeah. They've shot down a UFO and stole it. That's totally their way of doing things. Kill it and use it.

Joe: Yeah, the other association that has come to my mind when looking at the crimes of this so-called elite and the way that they effectively prey on human beings, it often reminds me of books that I've read on UFO abduction stories and stuff, the way that so-called abductees are more or less treated like cattle to a certain extent - at least in the literature - by these UFO occupants, largely tortured, almost as if the occupants of the UFOs have the same kind of proclivities in terms of their enjoyment of torturing and manipulating human beings, as the so-called elite.

Ole: It's when you look at what type of mindset would destroy the air, destroy our waters with radioactivity and pollution, would destroy our ground water, and would destroy our plants with all of these aluminium things. What kind of person would destroy the world like they're doing? Playing around with the weather?

Joe: And kill millions of people.

Ole: And kill millions of people with no hesitation, starting all of these wars.

Joe: It's almost like they're extraterrestrials. They're the aliens, right? Effectively.

Ole: That is why since I don't know it I don't close my mind to the idea that this might be a possibility. I know for sure that the people behind these agendas are equipped with a different brain than mine because in my world it doesn't make sense at all.

Joe: Yeah. Someone I know said a very short and succinct thing about that and it's "Who needs aliens when you've got psychopaths in power?"

Ole: [Laughing] But you know the word government, what that means? It's Latin, gubermentis, "Control the mind", Mind control. There it is right in front of you. They don't even hide it.

Joe: Yeah.

Ole: And then people say, "Who are we going to elect and do you go to liberals or democrats." In the government, in the mind control? It's right there in front of you. And this is the time to take back the power. You may not give it away but in a token non-violent way, bring it back home by not letting yourself be manipulated anymore.

Joe: Yeah, absolutely Ole. We can't agree with you any more on that one. We're going to end here. I just want to say thanks a million for coming on to talk to us and for all of your work and research over the years. You've obviously done a lot of it and put a lot of time and effort into it. It's probably your whole life at this point. A lot of the stuff you say is very true, I think and very valuable.

Ole: What can I say? I'm not being paid for this. I'm not part of a group. I have no personal gain really, except for doing my absolute utmost to create a beautiful world for our kids and ourselves and stop this madness because if we don't we're screwed, I tell you.

Joe: Absolutely.

Ole: But I am not one here to spread fear or anything like that. I know that the topics we're talking about might seem very scary. I must say though in my heart, I'm a super optimist and 2015; this is the year when major changes for the better are going to happen. It might look very, very scary. I've been saying this for a long time and my god so many things have been happening this year.

Joe: Well you know what I think about that? I think that changes for the better can come, but when I look at humanity, I think that they need a big shock because a change for the better would be a lot of people waking up and if a big shock came along, of some type that opened peoples' eyes, then that would be a change for the better.

Ole: You know Life has this habit of giving you a gentle little clap on the cheek saying, "wakey, wakey". If you don't listen, it will be a little bit harder. If you don't listen it will be a little bit harder and now we have a sledgehammer situation.

Joe: Sledgehammer.

Ole: We have to be responsible for being totally asleep and brain-dead I would say, to a certain extent. And here we are looking right into a barrel or getting a sledgehammer up our butt. It is wake up time. Really, it is wake up time.

Joe: Absolutely.

Ole: And I think that if you don't know anything else to do, then start doing good. Do random acts of kindness, help people around you, help the neighbourhood; look for occasions to help people. Support honest cops. Honour them because they're there to help you, instead of hating the cops that are not behaving well. Honour the ones that are and boost them so that other people in uniform might be afraid of becoming a good one because they see that there's no future that they might be...

Joe: Have a change of heart too.

Ole: Yeah, inspired. And also try to affect or wake up people in uniform because these are a major threat to us because it is you - if I speak directly to whoever listens to this is in uniforms - you are the ones protecting this mad mindset from normal people like ourselves. You think that you are doing the right thing. You think that you are there - if you are a soldier for freedom and liberty and all of this and liberating countries - it is absolute bullshit. You are being used at brutal tools of death and destruction to invade rape and plunder totally innocent countries, killing totally innocent people in the name of absolute greed that is not even yours, but this small group of totally mad so-called elites.

But the thing is that whatever awful deed you do; you are the one who has to live with it. It is your karma that is being affected. And this is why we're seeing so many tragic suicides from veterans in the states. I think it's 11 per day or something like that; more than killed in action. The police officers that sign up and think they're doing good things or security people or people manufacturing surveillance cameras or doing plumbing and FEMA camps or whatever, I think everyone needs to look in the mirror and say, "What am I doing? Am I doing anything in any way to support this horrible agenda that is destroying the world for all of us? And if so, what can I do to stop it?" I think it's very, very important.

Joe: Very wise words.

Ole: Could I read a lyric to a song I wrote in 1994, I think? Would that be okay?

Joe: Yeah.

Ole: Because I think it's still very much up-to-date. And it's called, From Prison to Paradise.
Once upon a time in a place not far from here
There was so much loneliness, despair
And oh so much fear
Darkness ruled all over the land
There were lightning in the sky
Causing wars and separation
With no one knowing why.

These evil times where it's leaders
Disguised as kind and true
Hiding the truth in misty fog
So only very few people knew
Controlled by an elite few
Manipulating you and me
Closing out the light and power
That can make us all be free

Wake up, wake up, we've gotta wake up.
Wake up, wake up, we've gotta wake up now.

Forced by invisible powers
Demanded to conform
Into shapes unknown to mankind
Making him totally abnormal
Drowned in debts and sorrows
Blaming others for their lot
Made man believe to be inferior
Feeling tiny like a dot.

But then came time of change
Covering countries and their towns
Few became many
And soon the prison walls came down
Starting with the man in the mirror
Staring right back into their eyes
Understanding that this was a chance
To stop those hideous lies

Unhappiness is merely an illusion a misery
Based on brainwashing
And a misconception of true reality
From now on let's build bridge
Between our souls and hearts
So we together can rejoice
When the final change comes to its start

Wake up, wake up, we've gotta wake up.
Wake up, wake up, we've gotta wake up now.

Turning prison into paradise
May seem too much to achieve
But believe me, it only take one strong spirit
To be free
The true power of a pyramid
Is never, ever at the top
Instead it's we the people
That can make this global game stop
Did you get it?
Wake up, wake up, we've gotta wake up now.

Joe: Very good! There's music to that as well yeah?

Ole: There is. You can go to my website and on my website there's a music link and you can listen to all the songs I made for a peace festival in Berlin in 2009 as well. You can download.

Joe: Excellent. I'm going to check that out actually. I like those lyrics.

Ole: Thanks very much.

Joe: Ole again thanks a million for being on. It's been great talking to you and I hope you continue to do what you're doing for as long as is necessary. Thanks a million.

Ole: I tell you, I would so like to stop this. I would so like to transcend this whole thing. Its 30 years of my life. Come on! How much evidence is needed? Really! I just want to have a cold beer on the other side and celebrate with you guys and enjoy life, which I am because I'm also meeting extremely wonderful people on this road. I just want to say I'm on my way now - like I said I'm not paid by anyone, I'm totally on my own, not part of a group, not political, no nothing - but I've arranged another tour. I'm going to Scandinavia now. In a few weeks I'm going to be at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen. Then I'm going to go to Malm-Gothenburg-Stockholm doing talks there, and then in Stockholm I'm going to do a guided tour around the murder site of the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme. It's between four and seven hours where I take people around, telling them exactly what witnesses saw, what actually happened. It is mind-blowing, I tell you, if you didn't know it, to be onsite and then when you start to see the magnitude of actually what happened.

Then I'm going to go to Norway. I'm going to do two talks there about the mass shootings on the island and the blowing up of the government building. I've been warned to go there. I was almost arrested by one of the Delta team in Norway that was part of carrying this whole thing out and because of that I'm going to do two talks there about that exact topic because I think it's extremely important to get the truth out.

Joe: Yeah. Expose the truth.

Ole: Expose it. It's so traumatic, these things. So many families and people suffering from these awful things and it's only by getting the truth out, getting closure to these things that we can heal it. We are only to heal. If they don't heal they will just continue. So the solution is not to kill them or string them up or chop them up and use them on top of the pizza. That is not the solution.

Joe: Yeah, if you were to use them on top of the pizza, that would be genetically modified for sure because I'm sure these people are genetically modified in some way. [Laughter]

Ole: If they're human at all.

Joe: Exactly.

Ole: Alien chop - chop.

Joe: Yeah. Again thanks a million. People can check out your website. It's; They can probably find all the information they need about what's going on with you on there, yeah?

Ole: Yeah, for sure. And any time you want me back, or anyone wants me anywhere in the world, just make it possible financially, I'll be right there.

Joe: Okay. Thanks a million Ole. You have a good evening.

Niall: Great talking with you. Bye-bye.

Harrison: Thank you so much.

Ole: Okay take care.

Joe: Alright, we're going to leave it there for this week folks. Thanks for listening. Thanks to our chatters and thanks to Ole and we will be back next week with another Behind the Headlines Show on the SOTT Radio Network. We hope you'll tune in. Until then, have a good one.