extreme temperatures
© Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images
Many people in the city are becoming sick due to very unusual kind of weather conditions prevailing in the city for the past few days. The difference between day and night temperatures is causing trouble. While the day temperature is staying at three to four degrees above normal, the night temperature has dipped to three degrees below normal.

According to the Met department, no change is expected in the present weather pattern in the coming days because days will remain hot and humid while night hours will be chilly. A weather expert said, "This is a strange weather condition, which is usually not witnessed in the October month as in this period the day temperature slips below 30 degree Celsius, but at present the days are extremely hot.

While the day temperature on Saturday and Friday was 34.8 and 36.6 degree Celsius respectively, it was recorded at 36 degrees on Thursday. The normal day temperature in the first week of October is usually 33 degrees. In the minimum temperature category, normal temperature is 22 degrees, but any value below this mark is considered as low. In the past three nights, the night temperature recorded was 15.7, 19.6 and 20.8 degreed Celsius respectively.

CB Singh, met expert at CSA University informed that both the day and the night temperatures are not normal. He said that the month of September had remained very hot with mercury hovering between 36 to 38 degrees. Even with the start of the month of October, no change has been noticed in the weather conditions. The difference in the day and the night temperatures is making denizens fall ill, he added.

He said that the total rainfall recorded between June and September (rainy season) was 405 mm which was much below the average rainfall whereas the normal rainfall in this period is normally 700-800 mm. No rains are expected in the coming days and the existing weather conditions will continue, he added.