Strange glimmering lights were spotted in the sky above the Baltic Sea - are aliens among us?
If aliens are coming to Earth, are they visiting Russia?

A new video uploaded to YouTube appears to show strange lights in the sky, hovering above the Baltic Sea on Russia's western edge.

The 'cluster' of UFOs were filmed at sunset which, according the the video's creator, is the best time to catch UFOs.

"When the sun is setting, the light that bends around the cloak will no longer work for a few minutes," wrote Scott C. Waring from

"This is why so many are seen during this time of the day," he wrote.

In the video, the glowing lights hang in the sky for a period of time, before vanishing - seemingly into thin air.

According to the video, which was uploaded to YouTube last week, the sighting took place on August 5, 2015.