Silveira shared a raw footage of what appears to be an alien craft flying above his neighborhood. At first the UFO could not be visibly seen on the video. But, when lightning strikes beside it, the alleged extraterrestrial craft becomes noticeable.
© Vinicius Da Silveira
In his video, Vinicius gave an advisory to viewers that he didn't film the sky with the intent of catching a glimpse of a mysterious flying object. Instead, he singled out that he was actually planning on catching the appearance of lighting that afternoon. "I'm not stating anything, just want to show what I saw and what I filmed. My intention was not to film the sky looking for a UFO, I do not believe in that stuff My intention was to film the bolt that rainy afternoon. I ended up spotting something that [I] really did not expect," the uploader wrote.

The UFO sighting in Brazil has since been picked up by the UFOSightingsDaily website, which even advised its loyal viewers to record a video the next time a big storm strikes this area, since there's also that possibility of capturing an unidentified flying object above the city.

The Brazil UFO sighting came after "Australian Skies" producers revealed that their film will answer why more and more sightings of aliens have been documented down under.

According to Express, Aussie UFO expert Damien Knott has claimed that in his own research alone, he has found over 2,000 images and or videos of UFO sightings in Australia. "I'm not going to come out and say I've spoken to aliens, and they've told me all these things about the planet, that has never happened," Knott was quoted as saying by the publication. "All I know is I've had a number of very strange experiences."

Meanwhile, it isn't only the living planet that's been seeing all these aliens. As the ongoing exploration of Curiosity Rover on Mars continues, more and more images and vids are surfacing with claims of detecting unidentified objects on the red planet.

The latest UFO sighting in Mars is said to be a vessel that's very similar to a small Millennium Falcon type star freighter that is capable of accommodating 20 to up to 40 passengers, has learned. To see the pic, click here.