Black ring in the sky
A YouTube user shared video of a mysterious "huge black ring" flying over his house in Nottinghamshire, England.

The video, posted to YouTube by Pierce Smith, shows a black ring moving through the sky Thursday above Smith's home in Nottinghamshire.

"Huge black ring just drifted over my village," Smith wrote in the description of the video, which was titled, "Something weird flew over my house today."

Smith shared the video of the "ominous" ring on Reddit, where users commented it may have resulted from an electricity transformer catching fire.

"This is usually caused by a large transformer frying. I remember a similar video posted a while ago," Redditor Anonymoose98 wrote.

Other Redditors explained the ring may have kept its shape due to a phenomenon known as "laminar flow," which is also responsible for the slow dissipation of exhaust trails from jet engines.