A rare and dangerous snake Russell’s viper gave birth to two-headed one at the shelter of the Friends of Snakes Society in city.
Recently for a group of animal activists from Hyderabad, Russell's viper was saved by the organisation. As per details saved Russell's viper gave birth to 18 live young ones all are healthy but one was born with two heads in a case of rare genetic condition at Friends of Snakes Society's shelter.

As per the members of the NGO, this is the first time in two decades of the organizations where a dangerous snake birth to two-headed young one. The members of organization observing that one with genetic condition called polycephaly.

Avinash Visvanathan, general secretary of the society said that "Dangerous snake Russell's viper gave birth to 18 young one, among those 17 are healthy and one was born with two heads due to the genetic condition. This may occur normally in wild, however those will not alive for long period. Both heads of snake were functional, still processing two heads is a disadvantage in terms of flexibility and management. They may hunt for food till adulthood or might be face death due to inefficient hunting abilities".

This two headed Russell's viper will be kept in captivity at the shelter and care will provide to it.