The US along with their partners in crime, which includes their terrorist mercenary proxy puppets, have been engaged in a multilevel war against their targets. Attempts at erasing the history of the targeted country is part of that strategy. The general idea seems to be a revision of history and replacing it with a more suitable version for the colonizers. Cutting the ties of targeted nations to their history makes people feel more and more alienated from their environment and contributes to the ponerization of society.

When not engaged in attacks on the population of Syria, armed with weapons supplied by the West and protected by US and Israeli Air Force, the terrorist organization known as ISIS has been busy destroying Syrian historical sites, which prompted a reaction from UNESCO.
The head of the UN cultural organisation on Wednesday called for a campaign against the "culture cleansing" being carried out by Islamic State jihadists.

"Extremists don't destroy heritage as a collateral damage, they target it systematically to strike societies at their core," Irina Bokova said in a speech at the Chatham House think tank in London.
Let's just hope this campaign doesn't include more US/NATO involvement and bombs. When NATO bombed the hell out of former Yugoslavia in order to restore 'peace and prosperity', they and their terrorist organization, KLA, caused a vast cultural cleansing alongside the cleansing of thousands of people of their lives.
The willful destruction of institutions dedicated to religion, charity, works of art and sciences and historical monuments by NATO's political and military leaders is a violation of the laws and customs of war as recognized by Article 3(d) of the ICT Statute and the Geneva Convention of 1949. UNESCO's ICOMOS identified 12 historic monuments in Kosovo, central Serbia and Vojvodina that have been totally destroyed and 39, many of which are listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, have sustained substantial damage by NATO air raids, as of May 1, 1999.

Churches, monasteries, mosques, forts, fortresses, monuments, cemeteries, memorials, archeological sites, museums and various historic or cultural sites and their contents have been damaged and even destroyed by NATO's campaign of devastation. In addition to the structural damages sustained by these buildings, priceless and irreplaceable ancient frescos, literature, art, artifacts, and relics in many churches and monasteries are now compromised by the tremors and blasts of the NATO explosions. This damage inflicted by NATO is reprehensible and irreparable.

Furthermore, the situation has been exacerbated by the KLA. KFOR, under the auspices of NATO, is circuitously allowing the KLA to destroy, loot, burn, demolish and vandalize these sites by not enforcing the peace.

NATO's political and military leadership and its responsible personnel have demonstrated a marked disregard for Serbia's historical and religious heritage by targeting and destroying religious and historical landmarks that serve as an integral part of Serb national and religious heritage and history.
So the destruction is nothing new, it has been happening for a long time, but don't expect much outcry from Western officials when it comes to US/NATO activities, even though the actions of NATO are just as destructive as those of ISIS: "Extremists don't destroy heritage as a collateral damage, they target it systematically to strike societies at their core."

Last year, US Secretary of State John Kerry was bemoaning the situation in Syria and how "shocking and historically shameful it would be if we did nothing while the forces of chaos rob the very cradle of our civilization." You can read the sickening rant here. He was also blaming the Syrian government for the destruction of historical heritage while his precious mythical moderate rebels were conveniently left out of the picture. Never mind that they have been wreaking havoc even before the US government and their allies propped up ISIS onto the world stage.
When terrorists โ€” no, not Da'ish, but al-Nusra and the so-called "FSA" โ€” terrorized the ancient village of Ma'loula for eight months, they meted out considerable destruction and damage on this heritage site, as well as looted and burned the town's monasteries and historic buildings. They burned the shrine containing the remains of St. Thekla, stole her bones. They vandalized icons and frescoes in the church in the Convent of St. Thekla, and burned parts of the church itself. They shelled and looted icons from the Monastery of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus (see video report, "Syrian historical treasures and archeological artifacts destroyed or stolen by terrorist gangs").

In Homs, it was likewise not Da'ish but al-Nusra and the so-called "FSA" who not only stole the food and valuables of residents in the Old City, but also vandalized, blew up, and set afire historic buildings, like the torched Church of Um al-Zenar (St. Mary's Church), "built upon an ancient crypt cave with signs of Christian worship dating back to 59ce."

In both cases, it was the SAA, local volunteers in the National Defense Forces (NDF) and empowered residents who struggled to preserve and minimize damage to their heritage sites. And in both cases, once under control of the SAA and government, plans for restorations were immediately started.
The Israeli government has also engaged in destruction of historical sites, especially during the bombing of Gaza last year. Then again, Israel has been doing that for years.
According to the report, the Tel Aviv regime demolished many archaeological and historical sites some dating back to over a thousand years ago in its merciless onslaught on the blockaded sliver.
The neo-Nazi fanatics running rampant in Ukraine are also engaging in this new favorite sport of psychopaths, yet there is no calls for something to be done there, probably because the West is more interested in broadcasting the crimes of ISIS so as to scare the population and make it more susceptible to launching a war against Syria, something over which the psychos in Washington have been drooling for a long time. And, after all, the Kiev junta is already in line with the interests of the 'democratic' West, while US/NATO and Israel are untouchable.
After a fortnight of violent clashes in the name of democracy, Ukraine seems to be falling into a totally different trend. Symbols of victories over Hitler and Napoleon are being torn down, while those glorifying Nazi rule are multiplying.

It started with dozens of Lenin statues getting torn down across the country, but quickly moved onto passionate salutes and questionable symbolism creeping up walls across the country.
One effective and obvious way to stop the destruction of historical sites would be to stop arming the fanatics that are causing the destruction, but the West simply doesn't care, they will only complain if it can somehow help in furthering their goals, which happen to be more destruction. The actions of ISIS is just a manifestation of what their masters 'upstairs' are doing. But who cares about that? There will always be another ISIS beheading video released to draw attention from the real threat. Western political and banking psychopaths.