© AFP 2015/ Karen Minasyan
Current protests in Armenia are completely identical to the first stage of the state coup in Ukraine and might be orchestrated by the United States, Igor Morozov, member of the Federation Council's International Affairs Committee, said Wednesday.

Mass protests against the rise in household electricity prices erupted in Armenia's capital of Yerevan on Friday, and on Monday and Tuesday thousands of protesters attempted to march to the presidential residence. On Tuesday morning, police dispersed the crowd using water cannons. Almost 240 people, including journalists, were brought to police stations, and 25 have sought medical assistance. According to city officials, all those detained were subsequently freed.

According to Morozov, the events in Armenia are a repeat of those in Ukraine with exact precision. Thus, he concludes that Armenia is close to an armed coup.

"This will happen if the country's President Serzh Sargsyan fails to learn lessons from the Ukrainian Maidan... At that time, the Ukrainian opposition also refused to have a meeting with President Viktor Yanukovych and started to appeal to the European community and politicians arriving from Europe also started addressing the demonstrators," he said.

According to Morozov, at the time of the Maidan protests it was obvious that the scenario was orchestrated by the Embassy of the United States in Kiev.

"The American Embassy in Armenia is also taking an active part in the current developments in Yerevan. It should be noted that the US mission in Armenia is one of the largest US diplomatic missions abroad.... Even though Armenia is quite a small country," Morozov said.

A political crisis erupted in Ukraine in November 2013, after the Cabinet of Ministers halted the country's European integration. Mass protests started on Kiev's Independence Square, or Maidan, and resulted in the overthrow of then President Viktor Yanukovych, on February 22, 2014.