Last Friday, an Israeli gunboat sitting off the Gaza coast deliberately fired shells at a family enjoying a picnic on the beach. Below is a link to the video of the aftermath. Please right click and choose "save as" to download and view it. Spread the word as far and wide as possible. Something must be done to stop this wanton brutality against the innocent.Gaza Beach Carnage Video

There is only one word for the actions of the Israeli government and military towards the Palestinian people - slow and steady Genocide.

Ordinary Jews are not to blame for this. The responsibility lies with the small number of psychopathic Israeli right-wing "Zionist" leaders who, we can only assume, actually enjoy the sight of dismembered Palestinian children.
Gaza picnic ends in carnage


Al-Sudania - Broken camping tables, childrens' sandals and lumps of flesh lay on the sands of Gaza's Sudania beach on Friday, after the Israeli shelling of a picnic party left seven people dead.

Stunned witnesses recounted how the calm of a day out at the seaside turned into a scene of carnage.

The Israeli military said it would investigate the circumstances behind the tragedy, but survivors insisted there was no reason why the army had chosen to target the area.

The shelling wiped out a family.

The five members of the Ghali family, who were enjoying a picnic on the beach, were killed when Israeli shells landed on the beach in the late afternoon.

Husband Ali, wife Raisa, and their three children - aged one, three and ten - died instantly.

Picnic hampers and red plastic sandals lay scattered on the beach, where crimson blood spattered the yellow sand.

Witnesses shocked

Fragments of chairs had been thrown dozens of metres from the scene.

A teenaged girl writhed and wailed in anguish next to the body of a man who had been killed in the strike.

"Father! Father!" she screamed.

Ahmed Abu Amrene, who had been at the beach at the time, was still in a state of shock several hours later.

"I was swimming in the sea when we heard the sound of a shell," said the 20-year-old.

"We rushed over and saw the five members of the family dead on the sand."

Pointing towards the debris, he said: "The family was sitting right here. They were just having a meal."

A fleet of ambulances was dispatched to the scene. In less than an hour, the seven dead and 35 injured had been transferred to hospitals in Gaza City and the nearby Jabaliya refugee camp.

'This is a long way from anywhere'

Ahmed el-Douch, 25, said he could not understand why the Israeli military had fired at people picnicking at the seaside.

"Why did they target a family on the beach? This is a long way from anywhere used by the resistance to fire rockets against Israel. They are not being launched from here," he said.

"The Israelis just fire indiscriminately."

His sense of fury and bewilderment was matched by another bather, Jaber Mughani, who said picnickers had "just come to have a drink and something to eat at the beach" on one of the hottest days of the year so far.

The Israeli military said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

The shellings cap an upsurge of bloodshed in Gaza, where seven other Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes in less than 24 hours.
Of course, the media today are reporting that this particular mass murder was not the result of IDF shelling but rather a "mine on the beach placed by Hamas". The official explanation being that Hamas was hoping to kill Israeli soldiers. The problem with this explanation is that since the IDF pull out last year, there has been NO Israeli military presence in Gaza. So how could Hamas expect to kill Israel soldiers?

Essentially, what we are being asked to believe is that, even though an Israeli gun boat was shelling the beach in that area at that time, this explosion and the deaths were not the result of the shelling. No indeed, the real cause was a "mine", placed by Hamas in the hope of killing IDF soldiers on a beach where IDF soldiers have not been and are not expected to be in the near future, but where Palestinian families regularly go for picnics.

Of course, perhaps you would prefer to believe the idea that Hamas has now decided that the best way to defeat Israel is to kill Palestinian women and children. After all, this is the policy being adopted by "al-Qaeda in Iraq" where the mythical Islamic terror group has been murdering innocent Iraqis as a way to defeat the American invader - or so Bush and Co would like us to believe. Of course, if you really desire to believe such obvious nonsense, you also need to ignore the fact that the IDF has regularly targetted innocent Palestinians in the past and, long ago, the Pentagon decided to use assassination squads in order to control the situation in Iraq.

Also, you should forget the fact that, today, the Israeli air force fired three rockets at what they claimed was a car carrying three members of Islamic Jihad. Two rockets were fired, obliterating the car and killing the three men, then a few moments later, a third rocket was fired that "accidentally" killed a further 8 civilians, including two children. Just for "good measure", you understand. There was no mal-intent of course.
Israelis kill 11 in Gaza rocket attack

June 14, 2006

ELEVEN people, including two children, were killed in the northern Gaza Strip last night in the deadliest air strike this year by the Israeli military in the Palestinian territory.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the strike as "state terrorism" and urged international intervention.

The casualties occurred when two rockets hit a car carrying three members of the Islamic Jihad militant group travelling on the main thoroughfare dissecting the coastal strip just north of Gaza City.

Two of the militants, Hammudeh al-Wadyeh, 25, and Shawqi al-Saiqali, also in his 20s, were killed. The third man was injured.

Nine civilians, including two children, were killed and 42 injured when a third rocket struck as onlookers gathered on the scene.

The civilians included two brothers, Hisham, 4, and Shaher al-Mugrabi, 8, and their father Ashraf, said Jumaa al-Saqaa, a doctor at the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza treating the wounded. Ambulance driver Mussa Nasrallah was also killed.

The Israeli Army said the military had carried out an operation against a vehicle that was transporting militants who were getting ready to fire rockets into Israel.

Gaza civilian man falls as he rushes to carry his son, the top of his head blown open, to an ambulance after an IDF airstrike on innocent civilians.

A spokeswoman said the car "was loaded with Katyuashas," referring to the Russian-made rocket launcher that has a much longer range than the usual makeshift missiles fired by Palestinian factions.

The army said 38 makeshift rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel in the previous 24 hours and more than a 100 since last Friday.
(Ed: No mention of the thousands of Israeli rockets fired every few weeks into Gaza)
The air strike came after Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz ended a pause to the shelling to allow an investigation of the deaths of seven members of a Palestinian family in an explosion on a Gaza beach on Friday. "We showed the necessary restraint in light ... of the international uproar that resulted, but it's over," Mr Peretz said.The army's investigation into last Friday's explosion concluded it was almost certainly caused by a Palestinian mine, not an Israeli shell.

The military wing of Hamas had seized on the deaths to declare an end to its ceasefire with Israel, and a resumption of large-scale hostilities between Palestinian militants and Israel seemed possible.

However, it was unclear whether the Israeli findings on the beach blast would be credible to the Palestinians.

Israel, which expressed regret for the deaths, was initially inclined to accept that an artillery shell was responsible, because Israeli warships fired six shells in the area. The impact of five was observed hundreds of metres from the beach, but the sixth shell was unaccounted for.
The inhuman attacks being perpetrated against the Palestinian people must be stopped. If they are allowed to continue, make no mistake, full-blown genocide will be the end result. From there, the murderous intent of the Pathocrats will be spread across the globe.

Your future, and that of your children and grandchildren hangs in the balance. Our only hope - to stand up for the Truth, to reject lies, always and everywhere.