Blatter: targeted for consorting with the enemy
Try and find any public information that shows that Sepp Blatter is guilty of any of the charges of fraud or corruption that have ever been brought against him. You won't find it. The only thing Blatter seems to have been "found guilty of" is "political correctness", aka crimes against Western, liberal, capitalist, secular, atheist, war-loving culture.

For example, Blatter advised gay football fans planning to go to Qatar - a brutal dictatorship supported by the West and ruled by Sharia law, where homosexuality carries the death penalty - to "refrain" while there. That's pretty good advice in my opinion.

Blatter also allegedly suggested that women footballers dress in a more feminine way to improve attendance rates. While that carries more than a hint of sexism and misogynism, this is sound business advice in this capitalist, sex-obsessed, free market driven, morality-free, money-is-all-that-matters Western world.

As to his "bizarre winner's speech"; on what basis can this be considered "bizarre" when compared to the paramoralistic verbiage regularly spewed by the average Western politician? Blatter says "we need more women in FIFA" - just like every goddam political party leader in the Western world. He also mentioned god. How exactly is that bizarre when 2/3 of the global population believes in some kind of god? But I forget, he is being targeted by the liberal, godless, materialism-worshipping and warmongering West. No god here please, unless he supports war and genocide.

In mentioning god, Blatter was obviously playing to his support base. His support base is mostly made up of the countries that the US and EU love to exploit and keep subservient. Blatter was therefore guilty of the ideological crime of giving African countries an equal vote and say in the running of FIFA. In other words, he did exactly what our own Western and British governments steadfastly refuse to do - give ordinary people true democracy.

And let's look at the Western media claim that Blatter's win in the election "demonstrated the huge divisions at the congress". The result of the vote was 133 votes to 73. i.e. Blatter got almost 65%, an almost 2/3 majority, yet this is touted by the scurrilous Western media as "huge division". In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron recently 'won' the general election with a 'majority government' with less than 25% of the national vote, and with the approval of just 1/3 of those who voted! Yet Cameron repeatedly declares that obvious statistical lie that he has been given a "clear mandate."

Equally risible is the hysteria over all these "bribes" for this or that "exclusive commercial right". Just substitute the word "fee" for "bribe" for those exclusive rights and you have Western capitalist business-as-usual. What utter hypocrisy to condemn Sepp Blatter for doing what every other big wig in the West is doing! - i.e. filling their boots, lining their own pockets and abusing their office at public expense.

The staggering hypocrisy of the Western elite knows no bounds, and the involvement of the FBI is the truly bizarre element in this whole affair. The USA is barely even a football nation and FIFA is a world body, not subject to any national jurisdiction. The chances that, before this week, most members of the US Department of Justice had never even heard of FIFA are pretty high. But it all begins to make sense when you understand the real motivation for these indictments.

Mr Blatter's only real "crime" is that FIFA, not Blatter, awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia, the bane of the anglo-American empire. Qatar is thrown into the mix as a cover for what is clearly an attack on Russia. Public opinion is rightly scandalized by the awarding of the 2022 world cup to that human-trafficking, slave-trading cesspit of a British and American client regime, but make no mistake, Qatar is not the real target. Russia is. While Blatter has been reelected, don't expect this 'scandal' to go away, because the US government isn't about to drop the ball in its ongoing campaign to destroy Putin's Russia.