© UnknownAn ISIL convoy that, with all of the billions of dollars of high-tech military gadgetry at the U.S.'s disposal, could conceivably be turned to dust at just the touch of a button. But just like the caves that Osama bin Laden hung out in, they are oh so hard to reach!
Fars news agency in Tehran is reporting that Syrian intelligence and security officials have disclosed that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group are "using advanced state-of-the-art weapons which are only manufactured by the US", adding that "the largest such cargo has been dispatched to the terrorists just recently."

"These weapons were given to the ISIL inside Syria and only kilometers away from the Turkish border," the Arabic-language Al-Waqt news website quoted an informed source as saying on Tuesday.

This can't be a coincidence! Remember these weapons are being used in many cases against innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq.

You can find numerous execution videos showing ISIL fighters wearing US surplus military camouflage BDU's (Battle Dress Uniforms) and killing people with US made M-16 assault rifles.

The source noted that the advanced weapons included "anti-armor missiles as well as light and semi-heavy weaponry. "We are seeing NATO ammunition boxes as well", said one Syrian Army commander via a social media site -who wished to remain anonymous in this report for security reason.

The report said the consignment contained the largest cargo of US-made arms aid sent to ISIL so far.

This is consistent with reports by Senator Rand Paul and other in Congress who say that the US has provided over 600 tons of weapons to Syrian rebels, many of whom are strategically allied with ISIL.

You can trace this back to actions taken by the US Congress.