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Just three years ago, we found out that children in Britain as young as three could be "blacklisted" - labeled "racist" on their permanent file for such evil thought crimes as calling a fellow classmate a "broccoli head."

When my brother was six and I was 12, he called me a "carnival head." I always thought it was because he was being a six-year-old little brother. I never knew until today that it was because he was totally racist... You know, against... uh... theme parks??

But I digress...

Now according to a new government directive from UK's Home Office, teachers including nursery school staff, have been handed a serious "duty" to "prevent people being drawn into terrorism."

This will include making sure school staff are trained to watch their students closely in order to "identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and challenge extremist ideas which can be used to legitimise terrorism and are shared by terrorist groups," The Telegraph reported yesterday. Did I mention this includes nursery schools? I did?

You know...with all those toddlers running around sporting all those terrorist-sympathizing, extremist ideals...

Sounds totally insane, doesn't it? Defies all logic and reason and known research on the basics of child development?

Well it is, but worse than one of Orwell's nightmares, this is also one of those verified slippery slopes.

Back in 2011, when I very first woke up and started my humble little blog at Truthstream, I wrote about toddlers being labeled "racist" for calling fellow classmates names like "broccoli head" or having "homophobic" written in their permanent file for telling a teacher they thought their work was "gay."

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It should go without saying (but apparently I have to say it now, thanks a lot technocrats) that these are tiny kids who literally have no idea what even half the stuff they are regurgitating means, but who are now receiving a record that will follow them throughout their years and could negatively impact their ability to get a job or gain entrance to college later in life thanks to what basically amounts to thought crime rules. By the time that article came out in 2011, over 34,000 nursery, primary and secondary-level students had already been labeled "bigots" by the system under Britain's anti-bullying rules.

It was only later I learned that even further back in 2006, then-Prime Minister Tony Blair had declared that the government had ways of "clamping down" on anti-social behaviors - while a child was still in the womb! "Tony Blair has said it is possible to identify problem children who could grow up to be a potential 'menace to society' even before they are born," The Guardian reported.

Comment: Pot, meet kettle. Too bad no one identified Tony Blair (and his psychopathic cronies) as problem children and locked them away for life.

In this era of big data, people still don't fully realize that the whole politically correct, technocractic system is driving us all to a place where our words and even our thoughts can be used against us, and where we are all guilty until proven innocent forever more. The bar on this just keeps continually getting raised. Police these days are using algorithms to assign the public individualized, color-coded threat scores which are based, in-part, on making remarks deemed "offensive" on social media so they can form opinions about someone before they even see them.

Consider who it is that determines what an "extremist" or "offensive" thought is in the first place. In America for example, some of those extremist thoughts (according to our lovely terrorist threat fusion centers, anyway) include being considered a Constitutionalist or putting a bumper sticker on your car that says you'd vote third party for one.

But really, what doesn't offend somebody these days? People seem more offended by everything than ever.

So here is that original article I wrote back in 2011 which now stands as conclusive proof of the slippery slope were now sliding down and that we are literally living in the time pre-George Orwell's 1984 (which apparently was much more than just an instruction manual).
Britain's Baby Blacklist: Small Children Added to Government Database for Name-Calling
by Melissa Melton | Originally published Sept. 15, 2011

The British government is keeping a database which brands their children racist and homophobic on a record that could follow them for life. Children as young as three-years-old have been cited for calling classmates names such as "broccoli head." The kids on the list used others words such as "gay" and "lesbian." In fact, one kid got blacklisted for using the word "gay" to describe a school assignment. I know even as I type this that what I am writing sounds entirely ludicrous. However, if I call it a stupid bag of moldy cat crap like I see it, were I in Britain, I would be added to this database, too.

The Daily Mail report also added that these records can literally follow these children for the rest of their lives. If a future employer were to ask for school records as part of the employment interview process, these childhood incidents could potentially keep preschoolers from achieving gainful employment as adults. Let us just forget the fact that, according to the study of development psychology, most children do not start to develop the ability to reason with logic until they are about seven or eight. Let us forget the fact that operational thinking skills are not gained by the average human until we are 11 or 12. Let us completely ignore the fact that there exists a person somewhere whose job it is to compile this database and keep track of its contents, which has to be one of the lamest jobs to have in the history of all time.

Instead, let's look at the bigger picture. This is just a box of fail sliding down the slippery slope to You're Doing It Wrong Land. Here's the thing: If we are going to implement such policies on little kids who do not have the slightest concept of time and effect, then we should have to do it EVERYWHERE. Children watch TV, they listen to music on the radio, they play video games, and they experience everything else that comes out of any mouths near their ears and goes straight into their brains. Kids are inundated with information absolutely everywhere all the time these days. If they repeat what they hear, then can the connection not be made that those who said it first should also be blacklisted? Three-year-olds do not make up concepts like "lesbian" all by themselves like a big bang in their brain cracks. Obviously they got it from somewhere.

Running with that (because if they can, they will), it is easy to see how it will only be fair to create lists for television show and movie screenwriters, lyricists, all reality TV stars, commercial writers, advertising executives and anyone who speaks on a radio where other people's ears, such as those of innocent three-year-olds, can detect it. Keep going, and you'll get to a scary place where people who happen to open their mouths in public are now eligible for addition to the list.

Go a little further, and we all live in a world that looks a lot like kindergarten naptime in a library. Hope you all have a deep interest in learning sign language.

This situation tows the same line as the fact that our DEA and CIA are helping Al Qaeda grow drugs in other countries, have been interviewed about it and admitted it on national news channels, and then say things like quote, "We'll deal with the distribution later." Then the drugs get over here in America and 70% of people in US prisons (a country which puts more people in jail than any other country in the whole entire world) are there guessed it...DRUGS! We help grow it, then when you get it, you go to jail. Well, we have to keep the big business that is our nation's corrections complex churning.

Bottom line, Britain's baby blacklist attacks a child's ability for critical thinking before it is even developed. I guess we should all grab our Newspeak textbooks, put our matching blue Orwellian jumpsuits on, and fall in line to stop thinking for ourselves.

Well, I would, but that's just gay you broccoli heads.