A dust-up between the people of Walmart and a confused deer inside a North Carolina store was caught on camera by a customer.

The deer, apparently a doe, wandered into the store Monday afternoon in Charlotte's University City neighborhood and ended up being tackled and pinned to the ground by a group of Walmart workers and customers.

Witness Edmond Ratcliffe captured cellphone video of the incident.

"You never know when you have seen it all... I'm in Walmart today and a wildlife shopper decided that he needed to stop by Walmart for a celebrity appearance," Ratcliffe posted on Facebook.

He said the deer tacklers had a "struggle, but they got him."

"It was kind of a stay out of the way situation because I know if I'm in the way, it could be trouble," he told WSOC-TV.

The deer was taken away by Animal Control officers. Its fate after leaving the store was unknown Tuesday.