Czech fireball Nov. 2014
A spectacular meteor fireball was seen from across the Czech Republic early Wednesday morning. The fiery event was confirmed by 'experts' at the observatory in Hradec Králové, but they assumed what people were seeing was a man-made rocket or 'satellite junk' debris re-entering the atmosphere.

The object flew from west to east and was reported by hundreds of witnesses to local media. Pavel Najser from Štefánik Astronomical Observatory in Prague said they too received many reports of the event by phone and email. One reader wrote to media outlet
"This morning, at exactly 4:38am, I was standing at Barrandov bus stop and observing a huge burning ball in the sky for about a minute. It looked like a meteor and one could clearly see burning pieces falling off the object. It was accompanied by a strange sound, like a plane landing in the distance, screeching strongly."
Video of the meteor fireball event