Dumpster incident Ukraine

Dumpster democracy!
The dumpster-democracy in Ukraine aka Banderastan continues. Despite the fascists and their radical cohorts being "elected" and with only a shadow of an opposition left as they were heavily intimidated beforehand, some of those fascists who in some districts lost to the opposition took to the usual tactics:
Local mob affiliated with oligarch Igor Kolomoisky publicly harass and humiliate member from the team of Alexander Vilkul, MP of the Ukrainian Rada. She is from the "Opposition block", coalition of parties that oppose Euromaidan ideology.

And why you may ask. Well the answer seems to be straight forward as the article explains:
Alexander Vilkul won against Kolomoisky's candidate, so probably that was the reason why Kolomoisky unleashed his "local crew" to take care of the members of "Opposition bloc".
Those pesky opposition people, who dare to raise their voice and Kolomoisky is not happy about losing, just like psychopaths don't like losing. Coincidence?

Anyway Kolomoisky is rather involved in politics in Ukraine and has been in the news lately. Not just because he was the sponsor of the Odessa massacre, but his private army commanders, those of the Dnipro-1 goon battalion (amongst other Kolomoisky funded death squads) have been rather vocal.

A few days ago, some of the commanders said that if things didnt change to their liking, then they would make a military coup and take power in Kiev.
"We're going to give them half a year to show the country has somehow changed, that even if it's hard, there's light ahead," Yuriy Bereza, Dnipro-1's popular commander, told AFP.

Asked what would happen should that deadline pass, another paramilitary member at headquarters, a tall man in civilian clothing with a pistol strapped to his side, didn't hesitate.

"A coup," he said.
Perhaps it was because he forgot who pays him (Bereza is by the way also a MP), but yesterday he corrected that by upping the ante and directed the target more to his sponsors liking as he said that he and his men were ready to invade Russia and cause sabotage in Russia.
"Today, we are ready not just to defend [Ukraine], but to invade the Russian Federation, break into it with reconnaissance detachments and sabotage groups," said Bereza.
Tough talk indeed, yet one should not forget that apart from the human rights abuses committed by these goon battalions, they also got their collective behinds severely beaten at the battle of Ilovaisk just a few months ago and that it was due to a Russian proposed free passage corridor that any one of them made it out alive.It must have slipped their minds.

Regarding the dumpster incident, it is not the only time a MP of the opposition has been thrown into a dumpster. Less than two months ago Ukrainian MP Vitaly Zhuravsky had the ill fortune of belonging to the party of coup-deposed president Yanukovich. In came the non-existening fascists at least in the eyes of the Western mainstream media and did the dumpster treatment:

The fascist who before the recent turmoil in Ukraine only had a couple of percent of the votes have felt emboldened to take power by brute force ever since November 2013, when the US came in and directed the regime change. So apart from the above dumpster incidents, the fascists have also taken to fist fights within the Ukrainian parliament. It is such a regular occurence that one would think being a wrestler would be a good requisite for being a parliamentarian. Here is a couple of incidents from the last half a year.

Ukrainian Parliament Erupts in a Brawl Over Language Bill
Ukraine Parliament Devolves Into Brawl Amid Russia Crisis

Needless to say, most candidates from the opposition parties decided to withdraw their candidacy or went underground at the last election in Ukraine, that was cheered and accepted by the West as being democratic.

In short fear and oppression is the rule in the dumpster democracy of Banderastan previously known as Ukraine.