Ukraine execution
This video was provided by NAF. They had captured a vehicle, belonging to Donbass National Guard battalion. The vehicle had a dashboard camera, where a recording of a massacre of civilians was found. In it you can see people in uniform waiting in the dark in a countryside by a makeshift grave. When the second car arrives, a banderite greeting is exchanged: "Glory to Ukraine!" - "Glory to heroes!" (This is also a code for telling your own from the enemy.) Then you can hear a person inside the car shouting "F$%ken dogs!" at the captured, while trying to get them out of the car. Three people are dragged out of the car and thrown into a mass grave, two males and one female. You can see the flashes of gunfire in the dark, after which the executioners shout "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes" three times.

As we know, multiple mass graves have been found on the territory formerly occupied by Ukrainian forces.

Kristina Rus