Giant waves hit Giresun in Turkey, damaging buildings and cars
Strong unexpected storm surge hit the shores of Turkey, along the Black Sea.

More like a tsunami, the elevated ocean can be see going off to the horizon. Waves taking out everything in their path.

From Today's Zaman:

The storm started in the morning of Wednesday and hit the Black Sea province of Giresun, triggering flash floods in many parts of the province that damaged cars on the Black Sea Highway and a number of buildings close to the coast.

Giresun's coastal areas were badly affected by the storm, which flooded Atatürk Boulevard, Port and Gemilerçekeği neighborhoods. The police station, firehouse and other buildings on Atatürk Boulevard were damaged, and cars stuck in traffic were unable to move.

Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu examined the submerged area and noted that the overflow problem occurs after every storm or heavy rain. "Giresun is faced with this danger at least once every five years. We saw the same situation in 1999 and 2009. The sea overflowed to the road, and cars on the road were dragged by waves like toy cars. Today we have experienced the same. We have been stating for years that the road (the Black Sea Highway) is not suitable for the climate of the region. Vehicles and buildings were damaged because of this issue. This road threatens the safety of people and of property. This issue should be discussed in detail as soon as possible." He also criticized the Turkish Highway Directorate (TCK) for not correcting mistake.

Aksu also said he was happy no one has died because of the storm, adding: "Our people must keep calm and be careful of these kind of disasters. I request that they not use their vehicles unless it is urgent; people should use public transportation. Our municipality is helping the victims. Disaster and emergency teams are working very hard. According to the most recent reports, 30 cars were damaged because of the flooding. We need to take provisions against overflows."

Since the day it was opened in 2007 by then-prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Black Sea Highway has been an issue of debate among locals. According to the Sol Portal news outlet, former Minister of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım admitted that the Black Sea Highway project was mistake. "The project cost around TL 700 trillion and we could not stop the project ... I now can easily admit this and state that the highway must be rebuilt."

The fact that the coastline was filled with rocks in order to built roads has been especially criticized.