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Comment: Remember the letter we published yesterday?
Dear Putin: A letter from Westerners apologizing for their corrupt governments and media

Well Spanish 'newspaper,' ABC, being the good little disinfo media that it is, has published an article about it which, if it weren't so sad, might even be laughable. Read on for the analysis that they couldn't be bothered to carry out:

© dearputin.comWeb image of the letter of apology to Putin
A letter in which the Russian President settles scores with the "pathological western criminals"

Russian president Vladimir Putin believes the west should apologize to him so he's created a web page with a letter which any western citizen can sign.

Comment: Wrong! The origins of this letter are no secret. ABC doesn't explain why there are so many signatures. Maybe Putin himself also signed it? Though we doubt he has even read it yet...

Translated into various languages, it's a letter addressed to Putin as well as the Russian people, and the opening lines get straight to the point: "Please accept our apologies for the behavior of our Governments and Media." So far, according to the website, 23,649 people have signed it.

It's a text which exonerates Putin of all responsibility and describes the politician as someone who has "managed to keep Russia from being drawn into a nuclear war." Neither does it miss the chance to settle accounts about the war in Ukraine, saying he has been presented as "an aggressor" when the facts show "the opposite" to be true. "The Ukrainian army has attacked Russian checkpoints and towns," the text tells us, as well as focusing on the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17: "the evidence suggests that the flight was shot down by the Ukrainian army."

Comment: ABC ‌must of course confine itself to being subtly disparaging in its reporting on the letter's growing popularity, linking instead to information about the official version of the MH17 bombing, rather than providing its readers with some of the evidence pointing to Russia being set up:

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The missive wonders why Putin is "the target of these lies and provocations". The reply is to accuse the "pathological criminals of the West," who see in Russia, the needed "external enemy" in order to distract the people from "the decline of the American economy and social system". And it continues with an extensive quote from the "last great president of the United States," John F. Kennedy.

It soon returns to the good deeds of Putin, who it says was able to "recognize the madness of nuclear war" and "has turned towards peace". It's a preamble to use the writing off by Russia of 90% of Cuban debt as propaganda, and to remind us of the multipolar focus of Russian international relations.

Comment: Putin's debt forgiveness to Cuba goes beyond 'propaganda' - it's backing up your words with actions.

Western relations, however, are defined as "unipolar and imperialistic". And even though every line sells the wonderful theory of Vladímir Putin, it finishes with a yes vote for peace, but not for a "Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war."

It's the beginning of the end: "True peace and justice are impossible as long as the 'ruthless conspiracy' rules the United States and other nations from the shadows." There are only sunny days in Moscow for Putin.