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This is the image Chabot astronomers used to determine the strange light seen over the Bay Area was in fact a meteor.
The Chabot Space and Science Center says that the mysterious streak of light that lit up Bay Area skies early Friday morning may have been a meteor.

Bay Area residents -- and even some in Southern California -- reported seeing a mysterious phenomena involving a streak of light, but nobody could figure out what it was for a while.

Comet? White glow? Strange streak in the sky? Bright orange light? Aliens? UFO? -- the rumors kept flying in.

National Weather Forecaster Bob Benjamin told SFGate that he has no idea what it was. "There's, as far as I know, no meteorological phenomena associated with that," he said.

Twitter user Ross O'Donovan tweeted at 6:08 a.m. that he was on his way to LAX When he thought he saw a comet burning up in the atmosphere. Another Twitter user responded, saying she saw "something streak across" her windshield around the same time

Twitter user @BayNewsVideo reported seeing "a bright orange light UFO" over Baypoint around 6:03 a.m. "Anybody else see the same? UFO," he tweeted.
On the way to LAX and me an Holly think we saw a comet burning up I'm the atmosphere. Really weird bright light with a cool white glow.

- Ross O'Donovan (@RubberNinja) September 12, 2014
Then it vanished

- Ross O'Donovan (@RubberNinja) September 12, 2014
Or #aliens

- Ross O'Donovan (@RubberNinja) September 12, 2014
@RubberNinja I saw something streak across my windshield about the same time you posted this, but I'm in SF.. still, perhaps it is a comet.

- Bea (@kbyebea) September 12, 2014
Saw a bright orange light UFO over Baypoint Ca flying N by NE at around 6:03. Anybody else see the same? UFO

- Bay News Video (@BayNewsVideo) September 12, 2014